It’s such a pleasure and a privilege to be a part of the GurgaonMoms community especially when I am no longer in the wonderful tech savvy city Gurgaon for the past four years now !!
Living in Edmonton in Canada has been a wonderful change especially when I was at the lowest point of my life going through the toughest of times with my ex-husband. Getting a divorce and starting on your own is not easy when you have a teenager and your value systems just don’t want to accept the biggest change of going single . We are so used to being dependent and in a comfort zone. But the monotony of being single totally disappeared as you have a whole new country to explore and my brother was most supportive in the entire process .
When I look back I think the novelty of things just helps you heal and being exploratory and open minded by nature I was slowly able to overcome the obstacles of understanding and acclimatizing with the Canadian ways and culture .
I was also encouraging one of my besties to relocate and was appalled to learn that she was duped by an Indian consultant which are ghost consultants in the sense that they are not licensed by the Canadian government and there is no awareness of the legally licensed consultants in Canada . Anyways , to cut the long story short mid life crisis is hitting many and a change is on the minds of many for a better quality of life . I am here for any inputs and any questions in this regard . Please feel free to connect with me on any topic .
Just a brief about myself : Before relocating to Canada , I was very active in Gurgaon as the M I Smart team with Dimple Chhibbar and we were doing summer camps in schools like GD Goenka , Lancer’s International, Kidzee , Paras world school and many others . It was the most memorable experience of my life where we taught life skills to the children and help them keep their inner world intact while we empowered them to explore the outer world . We made so many friends with the Gurgaon moms and I loved being a companion to my own child ‘s learning !
I absolutely love the opportunity reconnecting with all of you
This write-up has been authored by Ritvee Singla
Ritvee is from Gurgaon and has been living in Edmonton with her family for the past four years . She is  single with a fourteen year old son  and has been exploring a new country , different culture and making new friends here! She likes going for long drives to the mountains and Banff and Jasper are her favourite nearby spots !!