For the past few months, I have been listening to many influencers. Some of these podcasts, videos have been powerful and have resonated with me. In this series, I plan to present my learning and takeaways that I have benefited from. I will be adding examples from my life and experiences. Join me in my journey and let me know if it resonates with you in the comments below.

Grow Together – Post 1

I am listening to How to Stay Positive on a Bad Day by Robin Sharma. We all have our bad days. Often, we are sad, we feel stuck, we feel the burden of the world on our shoulders. Life is a mindset game.

The 5 Ps from Robin Sharma to stay positive on a bad day are as follows:

  1. Perspective – Zoom out and see if today’s hurt will matter 5 years down the line, count your blessings
  2. Pivot – WOTH – What’s the Opportunity Here?
  3. Pharmacy – Workout, get moving, 2 massages every single week
  4. Pages – Maintain a Journal, write your feeling on a new page
  5. Planet – Nature is life’s sweet recovery method. Embrace nature.

“Life doesn’t happen to you. Life happens for you.” – Robin Sharma

I am very happy that you chose to stop by. I am glad that I started this series. Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day.

Influencer: Robin Sharma

Hear the video here – How to Stay Positive on a Bad Day | Robin Sharma

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