Q: I have been getting constant headaches since a few weeks now . Which doctor do I need to go to?

Ans: You need to consult a neurologist.

Q:My child has been diagnosed with enlarged adenoids and the has advised surgical removal. Is this the only remedy or can they can be cured without surgery as well?

Ans: Adenoids are present at birth. They grow until a child is between the ages of 3 and 5. Normally, they begin to shrink after age 7. They shrink considerably in adulthood. Adenoids that become infected usually become enlarged but return to their normal size when the infection subsides. However, in some instances, the adenoids remain enlarged even after the infection is gone. Enlarged adenoids can also be caused by allergies. Treatment depends on how severe the condition is. If your child’s enlarged adenoids aren’t infected, it’s better to wait and see if the adenoids shrink on their own as your child gets older. If they are infected, medications like antibiotics and nasal steroids can be used. Adenoidectomy is indicated when there is recurrent sinusitis, ear infections, sleep disordered breathing or transient hearing loss.-Dr Shreya Dubey, Consultant, Neonatology & Paediatrics, CK Birla Hospital for Women

Q:I was diagnosed with UTI but after treatment it came back after around 15 days I took antibiotics for the whole month to cure it from root and it was gone. But couple of days back I had symptoms of UTI again. What can be the reason behind this and how can I prevent recurrent UTIs

Ans: Sometimes recurrent UTIs could be an indicator of an underlying problem in the urinary tract like stones or the bladder not emptying properly, or low immunity like in diabetes etc. You should get an ultrasound KUB with residual urine and see a urologist for further investigation.-Dr Astha Dayal, Consultant, Obs & Gynae, CK Birla Hospital for Women

Q:My daughter is 10.5 yrs and she started her periods 2months ago. She has already had her periods thrice and the third cycle was at a gap of 10 days only. Is it normal? How long would it take for her cycles to get regular? Any tests or precautions to be taken ?

Ans: 10 years is an early age to start menstruating. You should consult an endocrinologist once for the same. Periods in young girls could be irregular in the first 2 years after they start. We generally do not prefer giving hormonal medication in young children unless they are very heavy, causing anemia or very irregular. You should get her CBC and thyroid function test checked and ensure a healthy lifestyle with proper diet, exercise and avoiding stress. Keep a menstrual calendar, and if repeatedly irregular, a few months of medication with hormones should help.-Dr Astha Dayal, Consultant, Obs & Gynae, CK Birla Hospital for Women

Q:Off late I have been experiencing a lot of pain in my heels? Is it because of my weight or some other issue?

Ans: You need to consult an Orthopaedician.

Q:I think I’ve started menopause. Should I be doing anything differently?

Ans: Menopause comes when you have not had periods for 1 year. It brings certain changes like mood swings, breast tenderness, vaginal dryness, osteoporosis etc. You should ensure a healthy lifestyle, exercise 30 minutes/4days a week, avoid smoking/drinking, get regular preventive health checks which include Mammography, pap smear, ultrasound, bone marrow density, besides sugar, blood pressure, lipid profile. Also, you need to supplement 1000 mg of calcium and 400-800 IU of vitamin D daily.-Dr Astha Dayal, Consultant, Obs & Gynae, CK Birla Hospital for Women

When do I need a mammogram and pap smear?

Ans: Pap smear is recommended once every 3 years in women who are sexually active. In fact in women above 30, Pap can be combined with HPV DNA testing in the same sample, which then needs to be done every 5 years if negative. Mammography guidelines differ across the world. In women with no significant family history of breast cancer, it needs to be done every 1- 2 years (American Guidelines) or every 3 years between 50-70 years of age (British guidelines)-Dr Astha Dayal, Consultant, Obs & Gynae, CK Birla Hospital for Women

Q:Does day care, preschool, etc. have an effect on children developing allergies or asthma?

Ans: Children have an increased risk of infections at the time they initiate group activities, whether they do it earlier or later. Earlier is better because children need to face the increased frequency of infection when they start interacting with a larger number of children in order to build immunity and day care contributes to this process. Children are exposed to many different viruses at day care, priming their immune system to fight these same infections later on. Group child care helps not only in early socialisation but also enhances the ability to fight infections later in life.

Day care has no effect on asthma and allergies in children. Asthma and allergies are common in genetically susceptible children exposed to air pollutants, tobacco smoke, dust mites and many other triggers.   Dr Shreya Dubey, Consultant, Neonatology & Paediatrics, CK Birla Hospital for Women

Q:How soon after normal/c sec delivery can a woman start to exercise ?

Ans: Light breathing exercises can even be started in the first week after cesarean. Walks and stretches are advised once the woman feels upto it, usually by the end of first week. Kegels exercises are recommended and are most effective in the first 6 weeks of delivery. Usually your pain and exhaustion should be your guide while exercising. Strenuous abdominal exercises are avoided 3-6 months after cesarean.-Dr Astha Dayal, Consultant, Obs & Gynae, CK Birla Hospital for Women

Q:I want to check the treatment for thyroid. Whom should I consult ? a general physician or any speciality? and what is the frequency of check up?

Ans: You need to consult an endocrinologist.

Q:My Father -in- law is 70yrs old . He has stones in his kidneys. Would like to know if kidney stone if 8mm be cured with Homeopathy?Homeopathy doctor recommended to have the medicine for about 2 months and then get an ultrasound done, urologist is recommending to get it removed asap cis Laparoscopic surgery. Kindly guide.

Ans: Would need to see the ultrasound reports/scans to advise. – Dr Rajiv Goel, Consultant, Urologist, CK Birla Hospital for Women

Q:How important is cervical cancer vaccine for preteen girls n does it in any way speed up the process of reaching puberty if the kid has yet not started with the Mensuration cycle ?

Ans: Cervical cancer is the only cancer which has a vaccine. One woman in India dies of cervical cancer every 8 minutes. The vaccine has been found to be very safe, except for mild side effects like redness and pain at injection site for a couple of days. If taken before the age of 15, only 2 doses are required. It does not have any role in puberty/menstruation.-Dr Astha Dayal, Consultant, Obs & Gynae, CK Birla Hospital for Women