She never cared for the crown. She preferred a sword. – R H Sin

GurgaonMoms held a live event – yes, you read it right – a live event with Smriti Zubin Irani to discuss her new book, Lal Salaam on 23rd December 2021. And what a powerful and delightful conversation it was. 
Some phrases that Smriti said will stay with me forever – 
“I am a daughter of a Gurgaon Mom”
“All moms have a story but only a few get an opportunity to share it!”
“I wrote this book for my Mom, for the opportunity she missed”
“Thank you for dressing up for me! “
smriti irani
This was an event held at The Leela Ambience, Gurgaon after a long time and it was a perfect ending to 2021. The excitement was felt from the hotel entrance itself. The happy vibe, the dressed-up mommies, the beverage and snack counters, the sound of stirring tea-coffee cups with chuckles and laughter was the flavour of the year. I will cherish those moments for a long long time. 
Smriti arrived with NO paraphernalia. She walked in effortlessly and smoothly. The conversation was so uncomplicated. She shared parts of her life that were full of struggle and combat – yet, she was so comfortable talking about them. 
smriti irani
She comes from a humble background and her parents had to struggle because of the choices – right choices, they had to make and she couldn’t be more proud of them.
Her early life started in Gurgaon and she made everyone present there feel like ‘Mere Gaon Walon!’ What she emphasized was the fact that we need to stop the ‘conditionings’ and go beyond. She shared that everyone speaks about her ‘weight loss’, which is so insignificant and no one talks about how she defeated the sitting Congress president in Amethi  – for the first time ever in the history of India. She said that like every woman, she is judged for every decision she makes. But she cannot afford to crack as so many women look up to her. 
smriti irani
She has fought with rowdy boys while growing up and defeated them hands down. She shared that she had no problems in imagining the dishoom – dishoom scenes for her book as she has had her share of rough-housing – I took one on the chin”, she shared. 
The conversation was soul searching. She shared that we as women, when we become self-assured, we start throwing ourselves opportunities and we must learn to risk and take all those opportunities. We shouldn’t live in one particular role – women are dynamic individuals and we must recognize our transformation. 
When asked how she coped with a bad day, she replied, “I count my blessings.’ – This will surely be my mantra during tough times. 
Smriti could sense the camaraderie and the sisterhood we share at GurgaonMoms, and she shared that, ” You are a squad – appreciate each other – then you don’t need anyone to validate.”
When asked about how her children think about her as an author – she said she is only worried about how they think of her as a mother. Her concerns were real – just like a typical mom like you and me. 
I wish her all the best and hope for a better 2022, where we all have such incredible events at GurgaonMoms

We were delighted to host Smriti Irani. She was in conversation with our Director of  GurgaonMoms Book Club: Upasana Mahtani Luthra. These beautiful clicks have been taken by Rendezvous with Rashmi. Thank you to our venue partner The Leela Ambience Gurugram Hotel & Residences .

The book Lal Salaam is published by Westland Books


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