How to apply for a passport in Gurgaon

Indian_PassportWe are migrating Indians where most of us are no longer in our home town. It’s so difficult to settle in a new place where you hardly know anyone…. and that is where GurgaonMoms comes in handy. We are a band of women who is ready to help our fellow mommies.

I am one such migrating mommy who had a passport inn her maiden name – so near to its expiry last year I needed a passport reissued with name change, spouse name endorsed, address changed and to top it all my passport was issued in Kolkata. So today I am going to share my experience in applying for a passport in Gurgaon.

You don’t need a tout, it’s a simple process and very effective as I have applied and successfully got two reissues with changes in name and address and a fresh one as well. Any which way , only the applicant is allowed inside ( exception is  a minor or senior citizen ) . The process is fairly simple, can be done sitting at the comfort of your home

First of all know where the Passport office in Gurgaon is located – MM towers, Plot Number 8 & 9, Phase IV , Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon 122002. Since its an office / factory area parking is an issue here, hunt around and you will get a place, but may not near the office. Carry your own snack and water as there aren’t many shops there in case you are going with a child.

Step 1: Register yourself in the passport site – Link for the same

Step 2: Fill up the application online – See this video that the passport seva Kendra has loaded to help you with that – Keep a print out of the submitted application form.

Step 3: Scan all documents needed and load them along the time of submission of the application. Or carry them with you when you go to the passport seva kendra

General documents one needs (please check here for all details as per your application)

·       Proof of residence for a year. In case you are not staying in the current residence for a year then get the other residence details as well (even if it’s another city).

·       Date of birth

·       The requirement of documents will be added as per what passport you are applying for

§ . This is very useful link to know what documents you need for what purpose.

·       Any affidavit needed can be procured at Mini Secretariat, near Rajiv Chowk.

·       Carry all original as well as photocopy. There is a photocopy assistant within the passport seva Kendra, as well as few outside as well.

Step 4: Take an online appointment. You will have to pay for the applicable fees for the passport before booking your appointment. Various options of payments are there:

·       Internet banking / debit or credit card is there. 

·       Post successful payment – take the appointment time and this you will receive an ARN . Take a print out of the same

·       For those who don’t want to pay online, you can take the option of Bank Challan. Take that options, take the print out and then that needs to be taken to the SBI branch. They will load the details about your payment and you will be intimated via email.  I haven’t used this option so can’t comment on its effectiveness – but what it says that it takes 2-3 days from the payment to it being loaded in the system and then you apply for an appointment.

·       Take a print out of the appointment time schedule.


Reach the office at least 30 minutes earlier to the appointment time. They are very strict and will not allow you to enter before or after the appointment schedule.

Now that you are inside – There are 5 counters to go through.

  • Enquiry counter: They will go through all the documents and passport application. Basis that they will give a print out with a number – keep that safe as that is your token number .
  • You will then be directed through counters A, B & C. These counters act as various screening for details / photos / document verifications. Counter C actually grants the passport.
  • There are large TV screens that tell you which counter to approach and when. There is a wait time between the counters so be patient – carry a book or a smart phone to keep you occupied.
  • Exit Counter:  A small room near the exit takes the file and gives you an acknowledgement letter.  Keep that safe.

After that just keep tracking your passport as per the numbers given in the acknowledgement letter – .  You might be called to the nearest police station for verification or they come home.  You will be intimated accordingly. After successful verification passport is sent to your home via Indian Postal Service.

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