It was a magical morning.
I usually get up at 6:30 am (with enthusiasm) as I have to drop my child to school every day. Schools have opened after  long and it is a delight to see the children enter the school gates, sprinting away! But that day, I woke up at 6 am, without an alarm (with a burst of frenzy and zeal). It was the ‘S.T.I.R’ !!!
Our connect with each other grew so much deeper in the past two years. We cried together, laughed together, and most importantly healed together. GurgaonMoms for us – is family – this is sisterhood! Even though the relationships have grown deeper and stronger, meeting in person has its own charm. There is nothing more alluring than indulging in the most interesting conversations with women.
GurgaonMoms Catchup
I wore my little black dress, dropped my son to school, and went to the venue – Studio XO Bar. This was a place par excellence. The place was squeaky clean – the first thing that you notice now. It was enormous and sophisticated.
As a part of the team – I reached early and tried to soak in as much as I could. It was mesmerizing enough at 9 am, what would it be like when our members arrive?
The LED display board on top and the music were breathtaking and totally got us into the ‘mood’ to STIR.
The members started arriving as soon as the clock struck 10:00 am !! There were women dressed in sarees – draped in different styles, dresses, suits, denims, skirts, shorts and they all looked beautiful and unique, but there was one common trait .. their dazzling smiles! The idea was simple. Be yourself – have fun – mingle – make new friends – enjoy the moment !!
We had our She Means Success entrepreneurs with the most interesting display items. We had stalls by A Blank Canvas, theplatterlifeindia and Ginny’s Planet.
The Ayurveda Co. (TAC) was our presenting sponsor with some delightful products. Preeti Singh of Vithika -by Preeti Singh was our official photographer for the day.
Lovely Shubhashini and the lively Mukti took the stage over and won the audience with their funny and witty questions and answers! We had some fascinating performances by Jyoti Badmunda, Roopali Agrawal & Charu Ghulati. The entire crowd was dancing with them.
The ambience was incredible and Supriya Nagar, STIRred some more magic.. when we all danced with her !!
The food was delicious. The service was quick and the staff was courteous.
I met so many members who came for a GurgaonMoms event for the first time. After a while, it didn’t seem like as if it was their first event. They were talking, making new friends and dancing with them. That was the vibe. There was complete acceptance of each other. There was respect for each other. No one judged.
Everyone was unique yet intertwined with each other, making the most exquisite fabric called GurgaonMoms.
Watch the video for a glimpse of the amazing event