Yes! As parents and moms, we all know this – learning is something we never gave up on (we know we had the strictest parents who wouldn’t let us either!) However, with the plethora of options available to today’s generation how would you like to get rewarded while making payments for education?

Moms do a hundred things, and we mean just in a day – So do they really need one more to-do on their list? Isn’t it time they reward themselves – especially whilst enriching their child’s future? Sounds too good to be true right?

Well, read on and be rewarded – you will not regret it

You’ve heard of Cred, right? Well of course who hasn’t with their in with it advertising that leaves behind an imprint on our minds! So now Mastercard has launched a promotional campaign for two months to make all your education fee payments so much more enticing.

Can we think of a safer, more secure way to make payments than with Mastercard who has been around for generations?

How is this for simplicity- One needs to enter the receiving institution’s details – Name, Bank account number and IFSC Code on your CRED app and the rest is super simple. You will receive a gift voucher from Byju’s who we all know are pioneers in the educational field.

In a nutshell here is what you get every time you pay with your Mastercard credit card on the Cred app

  • A cashback of Rs.100 per transaction
  • An e-learning gift voucher of Rs.999 for Byju’s
  • What’s more you have an option of converting your payments into easy EMI’s

Ease – Convenience – Simplicity are the three offerings we have here

  • CRED offers a high level of flexibility to consumers for paying education fees to any school/college/institute using Mastercard credit cards  
  • Provides a great consumer experience and a convenient and secure way to make payments
  • Offers freedom of choice to consumers by enabling high-value payments via Mastercard credit cards and offering benefits such as savings via cashback and rewards, interest-free credit period, and EMI conversion

Convinced? I used my Mastercard to pay all my daughter’s payments for various educational institutions, be it coaching classes/tuition or college, and trust me there were many because do we not know how teenagers can be? Kabhi Sociology toh kabhi Film making! She enjoyed the Byju’s classes to sharpen her economics and that gave her more confidence for entrance exams.

Head on over to the link below to download the CRED app and get started.

Learning is Rewarding indeed!