Homemade Ghee

Hi, ladies just wanted to share how to get ghee in good quality and quantity from malai and that too with least effort. I just learned it.

Transfer the malai collected for a week or so in a thick bottom kadai. I, of course, take full cream milk. There’s no need to churn out butter from it or wash it.

Switch on the gas to medium flame and wait till your malai melts. Then squeeze out one, two or more lemons in it, according to the quantity of the melted malai. Keep the heat on.

You’ll see that you’ll get clear ghee and nothing will stick to your vessel. Hence cleaning will be very easy.

Strain to get the ghee. The residue will be like very soft paneer. Hence you can use it accordingly. Try using it whilst making halwa to get a nice and crunchy taste.

Contributed by our member Sonia Puri Dhillon