Children today can be independently creative. As a parent I have always firmly believed that my kids should do their homework independently or not do it at all. Of course supervision and some guidance is acceptable.

 Creativity knows no bounds and today HP printers have given our kids a tool wherein what their minds can conceive they can truly re produce. However do ensure that you use original HP Original Ink supplies to maintain the quality of your printouts. Not only do original supplies ensure great prints they also keep your printer running well.

So go ahead let your child experiment with printouts in various sizes and shade to enhance his or her homework. Ease of use is another endearing feature of these printers. I have seen small children use them in an uncomplicated manner.

Printer usage is also not restricted to home work. There are a bunch of uber- creative ideas to personalize and customize their school supplies.

Formerly we Moms would have to think of tips and tricks to bring colour and brightness into our children’s lives. Now children can create all sorts of personalized items just using the HP printer of course with original ink and basic craft supplies.

Notebook covers: These can be customized to be funky or with the child’s favourite character. Imagine having Spiderman or Dora accompany you to school.

Book Labels: Bold designs to match their personalities. These help kids identify their belongings with no bother. Children can even select a theme print and carry all across their stationary.

File folder covers: Here again these can be stylized subject wise with icons pertaining to that particular subject. Like Environmental studies could have wild life and Geography could have sceneries.

Colouring sheets: My son loves to colour! His treat is getting a super hero outline to fill in. This is his ultimate reward after finishing up his home work.

The possibilities are infinite. Water bottle stickers – just paste on some cello tape and you have a waterproof label.

I have even seen school shoes labeled clearly with the innovation of the HP printer.

By honing children’s creative skills their aesthetic senses are heightened. This also gives them another avenue besides standard studies.

Some children deal with a lot of insecurities when moving to a new class. Comfort factors seeing their possessions labeled and with characters they love help them get over this. The best part is these tasks can be carried out independently. Activities like these also cut down on screen time and ignite their brain cells. Fine motor skills are highlighted which is extremely important for neat and legible handwriting.

Now here are a bunch of ideas for you to get printing!! Do a quick ink level check on your printer periodically. And then go ahead and re- order your original HP Ink supplies. They are so easily available and at the click of a button will be at your home the next day. These original supplies work our economical and sensible in the long run. Cheap supplies may work, however they can really ruin your printer.

So a new printer cost versus cheap supplies- I sure think you know the choice is so clear.

HP original Ink all the way please!!

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