I was invited by GurgaonMoms to an event hosted by the Indian School of Hospitality. A morning filled with a brief tour of the facility offered by the institute followed by an experience of what the students learn from the master chefs. We were treated to a class of making mocktails,  salads ,desserts and a specially curated lunch. An experience to remember by all of us who got a glimpse of the workings of the industry.

This premium institute is built on modern lines with the best equipment in place. It aims at training the best of personal for the hospitality industry which is fast growing and demand high standards. The environment is pleasant. Large airy classrooms and very comfortable seating make it a good place to study. Practical and theory are both covered well. I was impressed with the infrastructure.

As we entered, we were greeted by Upasana with a warm hug and a welcome smile by the institute staff who were on their toes throughout our visit. GurgaonMoms poster with all the participants profile greeted us at one end. As we registered and waited for others we chatted and mingled. We were offered coffee/tea and cookies. The staff were polite and attentive. I must say I received extra attention due to my disability. I sure do not mind that.

I had never visited a premium training institute before. It was my first. I was eager for the tour. The staff spoke fluent English. We walked and of course how can a group of women not chatter? Our chatter filled the corridors which were spotless. Full marks to house-keeping. Our tour guide was brief and to the point explaining each room utility. The lounge where students relaxed and a place where they could invent. The uncluttered classroom which had enough space between chairs. Our questions were patiently answered. What was the minimum qualification to enter? Well there are two levels. One for the degree course and one a shorter diploma. As trainees they had to clean the washrooms too. We were in the model bedroom hotels have. A lot of hard work goes into the perfect bed one finds in the hotels. No wonder our house staff at home can never replicate it.

Now for the most awaited part. We were excited to meet and learn from the chefs. One must remember they are training for commercial large hotels. The equipment used is there for not for personal use.

Mixologist MrNirmal Vasant welcomed us with a warm greeting. He was already for us behind the bar. Gooseberry Wine, a Tropical Punch, and Watermelon cooler which can be turned from mock tails to cocktails were demonstrated. He took us through the cutting, mixing, and the final shaking. Then the serving in the right glass. The details of how the shaking and straining of the juice was not to be missed. Just right for a hot summer day. We cooled of sipping the excellently blended watermelon cooler.

Our next destination required us to gear up with an apron and a cap. Hygiene is of prime importance when cooking.We were greeted by a most handsome young chef. I am pretty sure Chef Mohib Farooqui stole our hearts. He began the class and we were all attention. Salads in summer are in demand. Ceasar Salad and the Pumpkin chickpea salad. I do not like pumpkin much. But I confess to falling in love with this one and it is easy enough for me to replicate. The steps were easy and simple. We GurgaonMoms members  were now all charged up to go home and make this for the family.

One more class to attend. This was the most sought after. Desert and that too Eggless Brownie and Chocolate Mousse. Chef Amit Vohra had chosen the deserts with care. He was informed that the majority of the participants were vegetarian. Hence he chose eggless. We all jostled for space to get the best view as the chef instructed on how best to whip up the deserts.

Finally, the learning session was over. Now to sample the lunch awaiting us at Canvas their restaurant. Here the servers and diners get the actual experience. The students learn to serve the guest. I must say the service was without a flaw. Chef Mohib Farooqui curated for us the most amazing dishes. Served in style. The detail to colour and artistry presentation displayed his skill in the culinary art. A true artist at work. Imagination joined hands with cooking and an eye for colour. It was a feast for all my senses. A single eggplant looked so elegant with such a riot of colours, each bite a distinct flavour of ingredients of the tahini gel. .Wah wah chef! I must say he has a sense of humour. It was named, The Priest Fainted . The other dish which fascinated me was The Paradox. Truly, one wonders is it a soup or a desert?It was Gazpacho Sorbet, Brioche, Fermented Cucumber. Amazing taste. I sure wish there was a second helping. Not that the rest of the dishes were any less flavourful. My Daughter started painting was a Spinach crepe for me as I am allergic to mushrooms. This small detail really bowled me over. Well , Deliciously Ugly was a Valhrona Equatoriale, Hazelnut, Banana, Cofee, Feuilletine Pastry. It may not look very pretty but it sure was finger licking even for a person like me who does not eat deserts.

 A big thank you to GurgaonMoms for making this event happen.   A big appreciation for the team at the institute for hosting us. They were simply wonderful in all areas. We sure came home with a little more knowledge about the inner workings of a restaurant and the hotel industry. We had a great time.

Images Credit :Shraddha Gupta of Neytra Photography