Roots and Wings, a Gurgaon based Theatre group is spreading its wings and flying to Europe to perform at Kuringa Forum Theatre Festival to be held in Berlin from October 1 to October 6, 2019 where they will be showcasing their productions #Andme? and What’s my Tag?

Roots and Wings Theatre is an initiative by The Inner Startup, an experiential training firm founded by Anshu Daga. A marketing professional in her earlier life, she facilitates behaviourial skills training programs for corporates, is a core member of Improv group Nautankibaaz and a Director at Roots and Wings. The group aims to promote social and political change, to deliver powerful messages, to begin conversations by engaging the audience to become ‘spect-actors’ by reflecting, analysing and transforming their reality.

The group gave their debut performance on Women’s day in 2018 at DLF Club, since then the group has taken their plays to various communities and corporates, engaging diverse audience.  It comprises some very talented women, who have found an outlet in this form of theatre as they nourish their souls and express their movements to unleash the hidden creativity and talent, while working on some heart rending topics very close to our society.

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The first play #andme? covers vignettes from women’s lives exploring how their way of living gets defined, what they seem to have lost in the journey and when is it really their turn? An extremely relatable play dealing with hard hitting issues like female foeticide, genderisation etc got an enthusiastic response from not just women but men as well.

Their latest production, What’s My Tag? delves into the very hot topic of superficial beauty, exacerbated by the commercial motives of the beauty and media industry. The quest for eternal beauty has moulded mindsets over centuries and generations, such that people are willing to go to any extremes to fulfill the prerequisites of fitting the 10/10 format. Women are shamed and alienated by society for not conforming to the 10/10 format and no one is spared – whether it is a radiant bride, a smart professional, a supermodel and even a homemaker. It seems there is no escape from this ugly monster called ‘beauty’.

As they prepare to perform to a very diverse International audience, nervous yet confident, it is an exciting opportunity to take stories from India. Groups form Germany, France, Italy and UK will also be participating in the festival. Kuringa is a space for research, production and qualification in Theatre of the Oppressed, dedicated to the creative multiplication of the method. 

The Roots and Wings Theatre group members participating in the festival are Maneet Sawhney, Sheena Arora, Gauri Radhakrishna, Anshu Daga, Surbhi Modi, Deepali Rihani, Krishnakali Basu, Shweta Markandeya .


This is a Press Release by Roots & Wings Theatre Group