Our mom Namrata Chauhan, was sent an air purifier from Philips and asked to review. Please find her genuine observations.

Hello Moms! I am sure you got a chance to read my write up on Indoor Air Pollution, how it affects us and the new product launched by Philips. (http://gurgaonmoms.com/2015/03/04/air-there-and-everywhere/)

As mothers we already are very stressed out for our children. a slight cough, more than a couple of sneezes, change in body temperature makes us run amok for getting our little one back to normal. We always do the extra check wash hands, use sanitizer, don’t drink unfiltered water, don’t binge on street food; the list is endless. Home is the place where we let them go. We know that we have done a good job of disinfecting our place. This is the place where they can be themselves and are protected from all the outdoor illness causing influences. Little do we realize that the levels of indoor polluted air that affects our little ones. A harmless teddy bear, that colorful nail paint, the carpet; all within the comfortable reach of the child can have negative effect on the quality of air that the child breathes. Without our knowledge they contribute much to the indoor air pollution levels. Infants are at much more risk, they actually breathe 28000 times a day as against 24000 a day for adults

As a step to prevent my family from indoor polluted air I have got a chance to use the Philips Air purifier* since some days now and can’t get enough of it.

When I first plugged it in within a minute it felt as if I am transported to a hill station. Surroundings suddenly feel fresh and even the temperature drops down a bit. The effect is superb. The freshness is something you can feel and enjoy. When it is left overnight and I get up in the morning I feel more energized than usual because of the sound sleep. The health benefits may become evident with longer regular use, but for now I can confirm, it just cheers you up. I also noticed that my son, who is allergic to dust and kitchen fumes, sneezed less when the machine is running.

It is pretty easy to use and set up. All settings can be automatically set (touch screen effect no buttonsJ) leaving much room for comfortably sitting back. You can set the timer and adjust the fan speed just the way you like it and depending on the room conditions.

Only minor deterrent is the purity indicator. It changes colors from red (high level of polluted air) to purple (medium levels) to blue (pure air). The display for indicator is too hard to miss and too sensitive to change. So it seems like we have put a color changing LED in our room and can confuse you at the onset. But as you get used to it, it can be ignored. Possibly a smaller indicator would be better.

A wide range of models with a variable price range is available by Philips. One can choose depending on room size and usage. The electricity bill might not show a significance variation at all considering its electricity consumption is comparable to a humble light bulb. It’s too early to comment on the maintenance cost as I just started using it. But the brand promises filters having good life and easy replacement.

 I would definitely recommend trying an air purifier for a healthy home. We are so cautious with the food and water that we consume; though it just contributes to a daily intake of 2 Kgs a day. But we breathe around 14 Kgs of air a day and do little to improve its quality at home. It is never too late to start the change.  For full details of the Philips product range you can visit: http://www.philips.co.in/c-m-ho/air-purifier-and-air-humidifier

* I used the model AC4372 from Philips