As a fairly new member of the GurgaonMoms community on Facebook, I have to say that it is a pleasure to be a part of such a vibrant, enthusiastic forum. The wide array of topics discussed, be it the curious questions of a young mother still adjusting to her new role in life or the valuable pearls of wisdom shared by experienced hands, binds us all with a sense of togetherness. There is great comfort in knowing this is a group we can turn to for answers, solutions and sometimes just strength. As we all strive to build happy homes, I hope I will be able to play my part by sharing my experience and insight into the science of Vaastu to make this journey a little easier for all of you

The principal philosophy of  Vaastu guides us to live in harmony with nature. This is to helps us lead a healthier, happier and a more progressive life. And considering as young parents, most of our energies are focussed towards doing the best for our children, I thought the best place to start this journey would be from the Kids’ Bedroom. My attempt going forward will be to share a few tricks and tips that will help you build a more positive space for your children; one that helps in the holistic development of your child.

Location of the children’s bedroom:


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Let us first start with the best direction for your child’s bedroom.  According to Vaastu Shastra, differentzones have been assigned for different purposes in order to make the most of the energy levels in a particular zone. Based on a science rather than superstition, this tells us how we can live in harmony with the energies in an area and maximize it for our well-being:

  • The best zone to have your kid’s room is in the West. This brings out the creative best in children and also gives them good nights sleep. If there are many children in a house, the youngest daughter should be given the room in West.
  • A room in E is best for the eldest son. This can also be given to unmarried children.
  • NE is a very high energy zone, best suited for small children. The youngest son of the family should sleep in NE room.
  • Young unmarried girls can occupy bed rooms in S or SE. But, marriageable girls should be given a room in NW.
  • Children should not be given a room which is located in SW. SW is a dominating zone. Behavioural problems and attitude issues can be seen in children sleeping in SW zone.
  • Also, kids’ bedroom should not be located in the centre of the house.
  • And lastly, please take care that the children’s room should not be in front of a puja room.

Interiors and Décor:

Colour affects our mood and also our behaviour and this science now is being widely used as a mode for therapy. The table below depicts the colours which are best suited for different zones. While it is alright to have bright colours for a baby’s nursery or a toddler’s room, we should try and paint the kids’ room with light and soothing colours.


Zone of

Corresponding Colour



Blue/black/sea green



Green/brown/light yellow









Cream/light blue/purple






Brown/light green/pink/white




I hope the above table will help you coordinate the colors in your home, the next time you embark on a renovation project. Meanwhile for your kids, green is the colour to go with. It is associated with freshness and peace and is good overall for the children’s bedroom.

Some other things we should take note of for your child’s room:

  • This is an age-old saying but it does have its roots in science. Sleep with your head in S or W. Alternately; you can keep your head in E but never in N.
  • Do not sleep directly under an exposed beam. This radiates the high tension flowing through it and may give you head aches.
  • Avoid having too many electromagnetic gadgets in the bed-room. In this day and age, and especially in your kid’s zone this may be difficult to avoid. But make sure you keep them at a distance from the bed so that the electromagnetic waves do not disturb your child’s sleep.
  • Make sure that your little one’s body is not reflected in a mirror or any reflective surface like computer, while he/she is sleeping. If there is no choice, cover the reflective surface before they go to bed.
  • Any heavy book shelves and cupboards in your kid’s room should ideally be in the SW or S.
  • If the bedroom has a study table, position it such that you have a wall behind the chair and some open space in front of the table.
  • It will work better for concentration and retention, if you could have your child face E or NE or N while studying.
  • I understand this is a convenient option to save space, however bunk beds are not recommended.
  • Avoid any water body like, fish bowls/aquariums in their bedroom. Also, the pictures displayed in the bedroom should not have any water body in them
  • A globe should be displayed in the E or NE.
  • Sharp lights or focus lights should be avoided.
  • Up lighters in SE is good.
  • Do take care to not keep non-functional pens or watches in the house.
  • Avoid placing heavy furniture in the centre of the bedroom. Keep the centre light and clean.
  • And lastly, while this is most difficult to do and a constant chore that falls to us, keep the bedroom clean and clutter free to help the chi (energy) flow freely. This will help your kids think clearly and positively.

So while I leave you this time with these thoughts, I hope you will find my suggestions helpful in building a cheerful, energetic space for your child. And when we meet the next time, I will come armed with some more food for thought to help you work on an area we find ourselves spending a lot of our time in. Yes, Food being the keyword, your guess is right on target, our focus the next time will be how best to use Vaastu to positively energize your kitchen.

Meanwhile, I will be glad to help you with questions and queries, you know where to find me – on Gurgaonmoms, where else smiley