In an event attended for GurgaonMoms, at this newly opened dine-in cum-play area called the Little Big, we had one of the best evenings, with our kids having so much fun. Having a 4-year old, I have experienced and tried almost all kinds of kid-friendly, or kid-centric places, but none compares to this one, simply because of the perfect combination it offers. It’s a play area and yet not just accommodating to children’s needs, and it’s a dining place where the children too can be very well entertained. This mix of fun for both kids and adults, truly gives it an edge over the rest.

PLAY AREA : Just what is needed
The play area is a simple yet an engaging one. They issue a “boarding pass” for the kid as the entry ticket, which is because there is an airplane for the kids to play inside. There are slides, a kitchen set up, and a lot more for your little ones entertainment. 
The staff inside the play zone is very good at their job and are all smiling faces happy to take care of your child and it’s needs while you relax and eat in the dining area. 
One thing I loved here is that the play zone is right there, but not in the same area. So you could watch the kids through the glass doors that connect the two, and be free of any worries, while you can still enjoy the calm around. Which just doesn’t happen anywhere at all. So that’s a great thing.

The menu is brilliantly designed and caters to all possible needs. 
°They have a healthy menu for adults with a variety of options to choose from like zucchini noodles, which I tried and they were absolute bliss.
°They also have a separate kids menu for upto age 6 which has all the options, in as healthy a way as possible. We ordered for a ragi base pizza which the kids loved. The best thing is it’s all customisable.
°Then they also have a menu for infants or toddlers who have still not been introduced to all types of food. You can choose what you want like you would probably do at home from a wide variety of ingredients. 
°Another great plus is that their ingredients are all sourced from an organic farm near by, so it’s all so fresh and healthy.

The concept in itself seemed so appealing and then I realised how just by giving thought to simple and small things, one can make everything so much better.
°The kind of attention given to small detailing is commendable. They have these 4 level booster seats, that can be attached to any of the chairs. So the whole struggle of getting one for your child (which is usually a great challenge in other places) and then convincing your child to sit in, “because it doesn’t look like the one you are using”, is sorted.
°They also have these beautiful steel glasses and other unbreakable utensils which is so easy for kids and de-stressing for us as parents who are so careful as well as scared because of the embarrassment we could face when the child breaks something. 
°They have a beautiful aquarium with real underwater life system and some really cute tiny fish. There is also an adorable toddler swing and a teepee tent as well as a book corner right in the dining area, so that the kids who want to be around can still enjoy those moments. And they also have those busy books specially for our little readers. Isn’t that cute!! 
°One thing I have just fallen in love with, was the idea of having a bag space underneath every chair. It’s so difficult to keep juggling with things and then taking care of your bag too. It was so much convenient to handle it all just for this one simple thought behind it. 
°And in its all literal sense, brownie points to this place for the best brownie I have had so far.

The warmth this place has, is beyond words. From the owner to the helpers, everyone has been so nice. Each one of their staff members is very well trained to handle kids and they all do it in just the right manner. I would specially like to mention here how one of the waiters took permission from me before he could help my daughter sit on the seat. It’s these small gestures and minute details that make a place stay on one’s mind and makes it one favorite. 

Little.BIG is getting festive with our Three Days of Christmas celebrations. Details are attached; book your seating soon for lunch and carol singing!
And because you can’t ever be too Christmassy for the kids, here’s what else we have lined up:
Carol singing on all three days…
23rd — Tattoo artist
24th — Christmas book reading
25th — Acoustic live music