I moved to Gurgaon in 2012.Those were the darkest years for my family n me, but ironically with a silver lining. My love of my life was battling cancer, our export business, Premier Fashions, was booming on the other end.I was a busy caregiver, injecting morphine and attending Export meetings, sending shipments and taking my brave man for chemotherapy, our daughter was doing her masters in Warwick (UK) and got a job with Black Rock. Our son was venturing into the world of sports, his passion .. we all followed one principle, no giving up, cry but don’t quit.In 2013 he succumbed to the disease and our world almost came to a standstill, we again regrouped and took solace in each other’s hugs and moved on.God blessed us, my daughter is now married and with HSBC ( US) , I have taken a sabbatical from my hectic schedule and enjoying my second innings of getting pampered, till my business brain again knocks, life is beautiful at 50.

Happy times with my Late Husband 

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary, my 2nd, yes … in a weeks time is my daughter’s 2nd wedding anniversary too. Flashback : lost my hubby to the dreaded cancer after relentlessly fighting it only to succumb ..he was our pillar of strength..few years later met this surgeon at the hospital when I had landed for a small surgery , I was petrified, sensing my fear and seeing my tearful  state , he decided to postpone the ordeal ,softly asked me the reason for my agitated state ..I simply told him that I hate hospitals and doctors and about my husband… he replied that he too had lost his wife 10 years back to this, .. thus started our circumspect courtship ( psst ..he was sure he would never remarry ).. strange beginning .. me grieving, he taking me for golf, coffee etc and not trying to impress at all .. he serene, calm, into meditation .. me chatterbox, always on the go, live wire .. opposites attract .. I guess and we found ourself in a holy wedlock.
 Yesterday: by 9.00 am I was a little disappointed on receiving no gift , flowers from him .. I put a brave front, psyching myself that I could go and pamper myself when he’s in the hospital .. then heard him talk to the duty doctor that he was not gng to the hospital and to be called in case of emergency …to make up for this , he ruminated that he would spend extra time with all the in patients, by skipping his lunch break tomorrow .. even then it did not dawn on me .. till he came, gave me hug  and said “happy anniversary, my time is all yours today and this cannot be brought, right. “
 Since I had just recovered from viral we decided not to eat out .. he drove me to Delhi .. I had no idea why , where and then he walked with me to the best hair stylist, whom I spoke often about and told him to cut 10 inches of my hair for cancer donation wig .. the stylist , Nikki , asked him , in whose memory.. he told him affably ‘her late Husband’ .. Nikki got working .. I was silent .. it needs a large heart to remember my small desire and help me in fulfilling it … I looked in the mirror, smiled and told the unbelieving Nikki that now I’m ready for my 2nd anniversary
Glad to have received the gift of love again 
This story has been shared by our community member Bibban Rekhi and we really appreciate that she shared this with all of us. Love truly gives us the strength to handle any loss and in turn spread more love around.
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