Kiara was super excited for her first visit to the supermarket. She sat on the trolley while her mom, Nalini wheeled it around. Her eyes were in wonderment at each and every thing. She could not read all the display boards but was thrilled at the color coding. There were balloons and stars hung from the ceiling because today was the store's tenth anniversary. 
Very soon a young girl came up to Kiara and offered her a packet of sweets. In her little voice, she thanked the girl and gave her a dazzling smile.
As Nalini kept on piling the cart, Kiara's eyes explored every nook and corner and came to rest on the little clothes hanger.She urged her mother to buy them for her room.
Coming back she took her own time peeling the sticker and pasting them on the back of her door, thrilled to the core.
She then hung her doll's clothes on one of them. On the other, she hung their jewelry bag.
In the corner next to the door, she neatly arranged her doll house. From her bed, all her priceless possessions would now be visible.
In a matter of two years, the Sarkar's had to vacate the house and these little pegs remained stuck on the door. And, when I happened to move in, I had an urge to remove them but let them stay. For maybe someone called Kiara would be with them. Would Kiara miss them or not, I would not know? The little things which give us happiness are stored in our memories. And whatever we leave behind, no one can take them away from our hearts. Enjoy the moments. Love the little things. Cherish the beauty. And when the time comes, leave. Let go. For only when we leave the old, will we have space for the new 
Use your Dresden Chain and let it break.