I OFTEN GET ASKED “what do I do”. Well for most of you I live, I breathe I Experience this melodramatic life…this chaotic web of high action thoughts….isn’t it fascinating….hmm apart from all this I also love clothes, and love to style them ….mostly sarees and some of my favourite separates that I have collected over the years. As a rule buy separates that are unique and have value attached to it…so this Diwali promise to buy less and do a fashion detox.
With festivities round the corner, who doesn’t wants to dress up…the few times that we unabashedly want to stick onto those days when every Diwali Ma bought us new clothes to wear…Such happy days where clothes do the talking….So here goes..my favourite looks and colour this season…

Look 1

This is the season of purple, and I could not save myself from it the undertone is gold

Look 2

A touch of fuchsia can brighten up your nights…keep the Jewellery understated as a lot can happen over too much of bling

Look 3

If I tell you I have a fascination for colours you will not be surprised…the yellow gold  is perfect for a friends card party….the texture of the blouse offsets too much attention

Look 4

Hmmm so deciding to borrow your Mom’s Banarasi..for a evening do …well you should definitely do that….they are stunning sarees and every girl should own one…remember to keep your makeup subtle

Look 5

I for once can never say no to indo-western…with dainty chandeliers to give me company now who cares about lost slippers

Look 6

Who doesn’t love chokers, and red blouses ….so here goes flaming red hot with dainty yellow