As part of Panasonic’s 100th year celebrations, Panasonic India organised a master class by the renowned food media specialist and food stylist, Chef Michael Swamy at their offices in Gurugram. Of course, the idea was to also showcase Panasonic’s ‘Intelligent Home Appliances’.

Mr Gaurav Minocha, Home Appliances Head, Panasonic India kicked off the event, talking about Panasonic and their commitment to innovation and technology. Their extensive research on consumer needs and behaviour helps them identify gaps in consumer experience and focus on coming up with relevant to address these gaps, by introducing intelligent appliances and home solutions such as microwaves, refrigerators and washing machines.

Some of the product managers came and introduced their products through demos and films. It was an interesting session. We learnt that the Panasonic microwave promises everyday convenience, with added advantages like 360 Degree Heat Wrap for uniform cooking; Magic Grill for faster grilling, retaining moisture, juices and nutrients and Vapor Clean for easy, hassle-free cleaning.

Panasonic refrigerators keep food healthy, nutrient-rich and fresh. The range is equipped with an Intelligent Invertor and ECONAVI technology that adjusts its operations as per requirement to ensure optimal cooling and energy savings. AG Clean technology helps retain freshness by removing 99.9% of bacteria. The range is customized for the Indian kitchen, offering the largest vegetable case. The Surround Airflow cooling system allows airflow to softly wrap each of the food items and cool them individually.


We were also introduced to Panasonic’s Stain Master Plus Washing Machines. Powered by ‘Active Foam Technology’, these machines use foam to remove stubborn stains like mud, sweat, sauce and curries. They also let you clean areas like cuffs and collars at the press of a button. Additionally, the bacteria elimination feature soaks and washes clothes in hot detergent solution to eliminate common bacteria like e-coli and staphylococcus for an extra hygienic wash. A unique hand-wash net allows the user to machine wash delicate clothes safely.

After all this, Chef Michael Swamy got to work. He was demonstrating Panasonic microwave’s Zero-Oil Technology. He was chatty and kept up an easy dialogue with his audience. His first preparation was baked chicken. Using moisture and the natural oils of onion and garlic, he baked the chicken in it’s own juices. Topped with melting cheese, enoki mushrooms and fresh herbs, this was a delicious, healthy, zero-oil dish, ready in minutes!


While the chicken cooked, Chef Swamy sliced up some potatoes to bake Hasselback Potatoes. Most recipes I’ve seen call for butter or olive oil but Chef continued with his no-oil streak. The potatoes were drizzled with vinegar, stuffed with fresh herbs and sprinkled with lemon zest, salt and pepper. Using the grill mode, he cooked the potatoes to delicious perfection.

The final dish prepared was a warm chocolate mousse with vinegar-soaked-berries, smoked paprika, fresh rocket leaves and cooked fresh peaches. An unusual and lip-smacking creation that looked every bit as good as it tasted.

Pic Credit: Panasonic India 

What I found remarkable was Chef’s ease and comfort, his immense patience with the myriad questions interrupting his class and of course, his absolute confidence in the Panasonic microwave!We got to taste these delicious preparations and more and were taken through a short demo of the Panasonic washing machine’s Active Foam Technology. We literally saw a soaked-in ketchup stain magically ‘lift’ off the fabric on a cloud of foam. Lots of jhaag, no daag!

All in all, it was a very impressive presentation. I’m sorely tempted to try a Panasonic home appliance the next time I’m looking to change one of mine.