Healing goes beyond soothing past wounds; it gives people the strength to rebuild and find inner peace amid tough times.

Nidhi Dewan, a burn survivor who tragically lost her husband in June 2021, represents the incredible strength that comes from healing.

Nidhi’s experience not only shows how strong people can be in tough times but also inspires others going through their own healing journey.She shared her journey and the process of her healing with us.

healing story

Can you share your journey of coping with the loss of your husband and the challenges you faced?

This is an ongoing journey, but as time passes, I am getting the strength to manage more. There have been a lot of challenges. Financially, I was not secured. I did not have any savings. My daughter was very young. My son was 16 years old.We had to move houses. I had not stepped out after my accident, but after my husband’s passing, I had to step up for myself and for my kids. It was at that time that I realized my capabilities. I could do anything without being dependent on anyone. Life is full of challenges, and now I am confident enough to face my next challenge.

What strategies or coping mechanisms have been most helpful in your healing process?

I am a positive thinker and always look at the bright side of things or situations. I strongly believe in the power of manifestations. Even if there is a setback, I always come out of it with positive thinking.No ritual will work if you are not thinking positively.

healing story

How has the support from friends, family, or GurgaonMoms community played a role in your recovery?

My friends and family have been a pillar of strength and support for the past 3 years. I know that even if I don’t meet them often, they are just a phone call away! GurgaonMoms is a very big community, and so many came forward to help me when I needed them. I received a lot of support from this community. Even now, most of my clients are from the GurgaonMoms community. 

Have you discovered any unexpected sources of strength or resilience during this difficult time?

Your inner self is most powerful. Even though people would reassure me that things would get better, no one understood what I was going through. My loss was my loss.It was only when I listened to my inner self that I started to look ahead in life. My source of strength is my inner self. 

healing story

Can you discuss the importance of self-care and its impact on your healing journey?

Self-care is most important. If I don’t look after myself, how will I take care of my children? My daughter is just 11 years old, and my son is 19 years old. I want to be a role model for them, and I want them to see me as happy and successful in every way. Which is only possible with self-care; it is a crucial part of the healing process. I am able to put my grief aside and be happily present for my children.

How has your perspective on life and resilience evolved throughout your healing process?

Life is very unpredictable. We live only once. I have realised now that we must live in the moment. Do something exemplary so people remember you.Ye Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

In what ways do you hope your story can inspire or help others going through traumatic experiences?

People come and tell me now that I am always smiling and positive. These two lines are my achievements. I feel like I have everything now. We all have problems in life, and no one’s life is perfect. But what matters is that one must keep their head held high and fight those challenges. Don’t give up. 

Have you found that engaging in any specific hobbies or activities has contributed to your emotional healing?

I never keep idle. I love working in the kitchen, and now I have made it my profession with ‘Saas Bahu Ventures’. I want to take my business to another level. I am a spiritual person. I find solace in listening to Bhajans and reading spiritual books.

Can you share any insights or lessons you’ve gained through your experience that might offer guidance to others going through a similar loss?

My biggest lesson was to never be financially dependent on anyone. There should always be a secondary source of income. Every woman should be financially independent. Usually, women don’t know anything about their husband’s investments. When my husband passed away, I only had thirty thousand rupees in my bank account. I had no personal savings.One should be financially aware. I have recently taken a course in financial advice; my only motive is to make women aware of finances. 

healing story

How do you maintain a balance between honoring the memory of your loved one and moving forward in your own healing?

My husband used to say that I was very strong mentally. I used to laugh at that time, thinking he was joking. But now, when I think about what my situation was when he left me and where I am standing now, he was probably right.I can still feel his energy, and his support is always with me. 


Some people emerge as heroes in the midst of adversity, inspiring others with their inspiring stories of triumphing over adversity. We appreciate you sharing your healing journey with us, Nidhi.