During a discussion with a group of friends at a coffee shop, I perceived that I was the only one to receive no invite to lunch at one of their homes. Let’s call her A.
I had an approachable relationship with A so I asked her the reason. In response, she told me that her husband was home that day. I assumed that the rest of the friends went with their spouses and I was a debutant in single-hood and thus the odd one out. (benefit of doubt)
As we got out of the coffee shop I learned that only friends were invited. (Benefit of doubt wasted)
At the car park “Jaseena, you are single and look so beautiful that’s why I didn’t call you home. You understand right?” explained A.
1. Your husband is not my type of attraction
2. I come with no baggage and he comes with wife and kids so the affair is not among equals.
3. He has a beer belly which is the most repulsive to me and I am slim and trim (then)
4. He is the lethargic kind and I am absolutely energetic.
The above was what all I wished to tell her at that moment.
“You don’t trust single women because you think we are ready to mingle at the drop of a hat and that we are husband snatchers. But what intrigues me is how come you don’t trust your husband?” I asked her.
To a person who was always tongue-tied in such crucial situations of mud-slinging to say the above itself was a Himalayan task. And if I said that, it came from a profound emotion of having realized that I have to speak up for myself.
As I walked off l laughed to myself that A probably had a history of having caught her husband in other extramarital affairs.
What my tongue was itching to say was “divorce is not the only way to singlehood, death too is one.” But integrity integrity integrity. Often we are nice to people who are rude to us.
Six months later I was invited to lunch at A’s home for her birthday.
“Your husband would be there and I am still single and beautiful,” was my retort.
My tryst with the beginning of single-hood. This happened to me while I was so vulnerable with ‘what will people say.’ And A’s attitude was proof of the pudding.
Not leaving any Gyan at the end because the write up says it ALL