Press Note for Herbivore – A Plant Based Initiative


80% of all single use plastic in the world is used for food and 51% of greenhouse gas emissions are linked to animal based food like meat and dairy products. Reducing consumption of animal food and eliminating packaging in a small local market like Herbivore is a tangible and powerful climate solution.


Herbivore is a plant based initiative. It is a weekly market showcasing plant based food with fresh organic produce and a variety of prepared food with natural ingredients and minimal processing. It has eco-friendly and sustainable practices aiming to eliminate waste in food consumption as much as possible.

It is conducted in association with iamgurgaon, a citizen’s initiative focused on restoring Gurgaon’s green habitat that has been lost to rampant urbanization.

What’s special?
  1. The market is plant based which has been named by many climate scientists as a top climate solution.
  2. Plant based means nothing taken from animals. It’s healthier, better for climate and animals!
  3. Certified and verified organic groceries and fresh produce vendors.
  4. Prepared food with healthy options includen gluten-free, sugar-free and oil-free.
  5. No plastic packaging. Groceries and fresh produce is sold loose or one vendor has cloth pouches made by village women.
  6. We are avoiding even sustainable disposables by borrowing most of the steel crockery and cutlery from “Crockery Bank”.
  7. We are aiming for “zero-waste”.
  8. Kindness Table for dropping off what you don’t need and picking what you need.
Where and When

Samadhan Hub is an MCG space in association with iamgurgaon and has a recycling centre and presents choices for sustainable living.

Herbivore will be held every Sunday from 10 am-2 pm in February 2020, starting Feb 2nd, 2020 at Samadhan Hub, Wazirabad Bundh, Next to Excelsior School, Sector 43, Gurgaon.

Purpose of association

The overall goal is to spread awareness about minimising waste and fresh plant based food as a sustainable climate solution for the future.


Nandini Gulati is a holistic health coach and concerned environmentalist. She recommends plant based solutions and natural lifestyles for common lifestyle diseases. She conducts health talks, workshops and retreats. She is the co-author of the bestselling Guilt-free Vegan Cookbook.

Aastha Shastri is an avid nature lover and zero waste enthusiast. Her passion is to create natural wilderness. She loves to teach and learn about the immense biodiversity of trees, plants and other wild creatures. She inspires children to fall in love with the wonders of nature.

Latika Thukral is the co-founder of I Am Gurgaon.