Domestic violence is not just a relationship issue. It is a social issue. It is a crime, and is prevalent in our society. What will it take to stop this violence against women?

The recent case involving a retired high court judge that went viral is again a stark reminder that it is high time that this issue gets addressed. There are laws in place. However, what we desperately need is a change in the societal mindset — especially the way this issue is processed, handled and the ‘so called’ resolutions.

Domestic violence in India, and in many other countries too, is shrouded in a culture of shame and silence. Society and culture instills in us the importance of family and the role of a dad (or mom) in a relationship. We often hear how family is the bedrock of a society.

However, we forget to teach the importance of a happy and a fun home sans domestic violence. We forget to teach how the behaviour of one adult abusing another is not acceptable and can bring only more harm than anything else.