Does “I AM ENOUGH” sounds narcissistic? It could as my publishers initially thought it to be an egotistical one but later understood and commended the underlying statement of confidence and self-esteem much required for the women especially in India.

“Oh! I am not good enough.”

All of us human being have this inherent tendency to not feel good enough especially when it comes to moms. Being a mother and undergoing physical, emotional changes dip down the confidence of a woman in the external world. The challenge to meet up to the bars set outside seems daunting weighing the responsibilities multiplied at home with the child. And these internal dialogues haunt us like a recording tape in the head.“I don’t look as good as before, I am no more desirable. I am not financially independent. Due to motherhood, I had to sacrifice my career/dreams/aspirations and now I am not that good enough to compete. I am not good enough to begin anything and the list is unending”

From my own journey of motherhood, the amount I have raised myself along with raising my kids is significant as compared to my early years. I have never felt this confident earlier. This very motherhood is the main impetus behind this rock solid attitude and my faith in my power. I am reborn with my twin daughters.From writing code to writing poems have been a journey of covering a pole from another. With no linguistic background and lineage to becoming an author of 3 books and getting others published, all of this in a span of four years is personally magical for me. But the magic didn’t happen overnight. My inner world and my attitude undergone a 360’’ change to come to this point. From being a shy girl to being the founder of ShetheShakti, struggle and strife were overwhelming.

The intention of sharing my journey is to enthuse this confidence in all of you. It is a way to fill that confidence in my fellow women, an affirmation to realize their power within. That power, that substance which is beyond pink, beyond the struggle of seeming beautiful to others. We as women need to rise and shine beyond being beautiful, we need to be powerful, fearless and claim our place under the sun.

The power in the mantra and actually believing in that “I am enough” is path-breaking.

Few thoughts I like to recite to pep up my confidence quotient and it has worked well:-

How to manifest the feeling of being “I am enough”?

To believe and recite the following:-

I am enough to love and be loved back equally or more.

I am enough to overcome any problem and win it over.

I am no less than anyone and am enough as is.

I am at this age enough to make a new beginning.

Everybody is uniquely talented and uniquely beautiful and I am enough.

My special one, being little short heightened

I am not that short and am tall enough.

I am enough as we all are enough, as is, always.

And then I thank God to make me like this what I am today with a smile.

And yes, it’s not a shout out against men that “ I AM ENOUGH”. It applies to anyone regardless of the gender, no stereotypes.

Today, I could pour my heart out with my fellow GurgaonMoms as I completely trust you for being part of this amazing community from past 4 years. Though I felt a little vulnerable to share my thoughts at the risk of sounding a bit narcissistic or preachy I have come to realize that there is a lot of power in your vulnerability and when the intention is to empower someone then nothing could stop it to reach out to another heart. And this is to make us all good enough as we all are enough, as is, always. Would love to hear from you.

Will share more until next time. Thank you.