Politics, politics and more politics. Gains at the electoral hustings seemed to be the only motive for any decision that was taken by the people to be. AP's bifurcation under the cloak of a national blackout, Kejri's experiments with governance in 49 days, PC's empty coffers- Parting Offers, Jayaa Amma's  Pardon Games, Indian's Overseas dismal display- were some of the issues that hogged the limelight, last week.
telanganaBirth pangs of Telangana: Telangana the 29th state in the making. Andhra Pradesh State Reorganization Bill introduced by UPA, backed by BJP, was cleared in the Lok Sabha by Voice vote amid chaotic scenes and television blackout of the proceedings. BJP pitched in support to UPA, after Narendra Modi's last minute phone call. Congress's think tank hopes for a good show in Telangana and thus hopes to romp back to power. The contentious Telangana Bill was taken up in the Rajya Sabha at 3 pm on Thursday and as the evening wore, amidst heated discussions and angry walkouts, Telangana was carved out, after PM's intervention. Innumerable voices across the nation vetoed this move. But a mother's unlimited love for her son and the hunger for power, won the day. What deals were struck between sworn political enemies like BJP and UPA, for them to come together? we would never know….. [pic source: http://indianexpress.com/]
The 49ers : Kejriwal pulled the plug on his own government, after 49 anarchist and contentious days as the CM, submitting his resignation after a failed attempt to introduce JanLokPal bill in the House. President's Rule in Delhi has been imposed, with L-G Jung at the helm of affairs. Two days later, AAP released it's first LS list, taking the political heavy weights of Congress head on. AAP starts it's national campaign, with a rally in haryana on Feb 23
voteon accountVote-on-account Budget: Ailing Economy and his party's failing electoral fortunes made PC reach out and romance the common man. Acs, fridges, TV sets, Food Processors, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, washing machines, PCs to get cheaper as the excise duty got cut by 2%. Aadhar scheme and direct benefit transfers to continue. Subsidies on 3Fs – Food, Fuel, Fertilizer . No service tax on cord blood bank for stem cell preservation. 4% excise duty cut for small and mid size cars, two wheelers and 6% excise duty cut for SUVs. Chidambaram leaves behind an uneasy legacy, a tough task for the new govt.[pic source: http://m.economictimes.com/]
RGpoliticsPardon Games: The Supreme court cited the 11 year old delay in deciding the mercy petitions of the assassins of Rajiv Gandhi, Commuted their death sentence to life imprisonment. Tamilnadu chief minister Jayalalithaa decided to release all the seven convicts in the case, to woo the Tamil nationalist vote. The SC restrained the Tamilnadu govt from releasing the three killers of Rajiv Gandhi after the Centre filed an appeal against the Tamilnadu government. Status Quo to be maintained and hearing will be from March 6.[pic source: http://news.oneindia.in/]
Dismal Display: And the nightmare continued. Indians lost both, the test and ODI series to New Zealand, a no.8 ranked team. Looks like any team wanting to get it's mojo back, had to just invite the Indian Cricket Team over. And the Indian team indulged and how. England, Australia and now New Zealand ! Once 'Captain Cool' is soon turning out to be adamant fool' with his not so savory decisions on field…
Apart from these five, the other important events of the week are :
Toll gate between Delhi and Gurgaon finally removed, Car prices slashed, Whatsapp acquired by Facebook, all hallmarked gold items over 10gm will carry an embedded 9 digit alphanumeric code, SC says Personal Law cannot stop a muslim from adopting, CBSE offers theatre, law studies, gender studies, NCC, human rights as electives from class XI…
Thats it for now ladies… have a great week…smiley
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