Doing full justice to a beautiful and crispy winter morning on February 2nd, the Gurgaonmoms community along with their families connected at yet another fun filled outing with games, yummy snacks and chit chats at the Leisure Valley Park.  Homemade sandwiches, mouth watering chaat, a delicious cake, naryal ladoo, chocolate and chips were some of the delicacies brought by our enthusiastic mommies.

Also attending the event were children from the Ashish Foundation – founded in 2007, this NGO is doing phenomenal work providing help to children with special abilities and creating awareness in the community about the same. It is interactions with this section of the society that makes you feel humbled and appreciative of the little things in life.  Photos were clicked, all the little ones were busy playing on the swings, slides, merry go rounds and there was also a fun story telling by Kavita Ramkanth. There was a game of Tombola played filling the air with excitement. 

One of the popular moments of the picnic was playing the game where we were divided into teams of two and handed a paper that had names of all household things. Eg names of soaps, detergents, cleaning supplies etc – a typical grocery list! Then one partner had to read out the list to his/her partner who listened carefully and wrote the list down all in a time limit of 2minutes. The team who had written down the maximum no. of the grocery list was the winner. You can imagine the funny sight of mommies reading out frantically the grocery list and the other one trying his/her best to understand and jot it down!! – a typical household affair is it?!! The winning team was Sonali and Preeti who won a huge Coke bottle (a gift adding to the fun and humour) yes Ending the note on laughter, exchanging of phone no and planning the next event or playdate, Gurgaonmoms sure does rock!!


Children from the Ashish Foundation




Lovely mommies 


The partnership game!!


Winners – Preeti & Sonali

ONE BILLION RISING [By Upasana Luthra]

One Billion rising is an international movement started to create awareness about violence towards women.On the 15th anniversary of this day one billion women were invited the world over to walk/dance and rise up to show their support towards a DEMAND to end this violence.

We at Gurgaon Moms decided we would dance together to a peppy and inspiring Hindi song- Ik Junoon..Junoon meaning fervor and passion… and that’s exactly how we went about creating this dance !

We practiced in batches and groups and finally mastered the steps under the able guidance of Avani Vora.. a certified Reebok instructor !

We all wore the international dress code of red and black and proceeded to join the funky funeral’s walk which culminated at Sahara Mall Gurgaon. The Gurgaon group “ Let’s Walk Gurgaon had orchestrateda walk as well as a small skit. When we returned to Sahara we started our dance and it was thrilling to
see mothers of all shapes and sizes dance away in public. All this just to prove we will not take injustice anymore !

We do hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed the flashmob!!



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