“What it’s like to be a parent: It’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever do but in exchange it teaches you the meaning of unconditional love.” – Nicholas Sparks, The Wedding.


News of being pregnant then the joy of having that bundle of love in your arms and then those thoughts of how are you going to handle all the responsibilities that come along with it – feeling stressed, nervous but don’t worry it happens with every new mother.


How much we prepare ourselves for parenting by reading books, articles or even advice from our elders and friends, but honestly, there still remain few things that no one can explain or teach/train us about…..it’s actually “On the job training” and believe me it’s fun all the way !!!


Ø  Be ready to make mistakes but learn from them too: Making mistakes while raising your little one is absolutely fine ‘coz no parent is perfect. We all learn step by step, day by day so don’t let that learning stop.


Ø  Sleepless Nights: You’ll never sleep the same again and those blissful nights will seem like a distant dream. Nah – not for ever but at least for the next 16-18 years of your life, to start with the sleepless nights of babyhood and then to the interrupted sleep once your child starts going to school.


Ø  All your plans of being the perfect parent go topsy-turvy once you enter the arena of parenthood: You might have promised yourself that your child would come up as the most well-behaved and would have perfect manners, but Oh My God, he’s the one grabbing all those things at a friend’s party which he never even looks at when he is at his own home. It’s absolutely normal – kids will be kids,


Ø  Don’t be a cleanliness freak: I know how much you love your neat and tidy house especially your bedroom. Your sparkling bed sheet, fragrance of your favourite room freshener, all things at your dressing table nicely placed at their right positions. But not anymore at least for a few months or rather I should say years. Hold on – cool down, it just does not matter and yes, of course, the visitors / guests will also understand. And tell me, otherwise how will you enjoy and they know that there is a new little member added in the family.


Ø  Kids do change with time: If you are going crazy by looking at the mischief’s of your 3 year old and thinking whether he/she will ever grow up as a responsible adult then stop panicking. Crazy toddlers can become sweet teens. Snooty teens can become thoughtful adults. Moral – our worst nightmares are just phases and will certainly pass by.


Ø  Take good care of yourself: Never ever neglect your health. Staying healthy is not only a big priority but also our responsibility as a parent so that we in turn are able to take better care of our children.


So, don’t fuss or grudge about nitty–gritty of life. Take a chill pill yaar and just relive your childhood with your angel or superhero. Smile, laugh, hug, kiss, spread the fragrance of love, bless your child and stay blessed.