Everyday we ourselves or someone close to us is experiencing pain caused by a Disease or ailment. We always search for a physical or a scientific reason to this issue, but what we never realize is our own thought process could either be a core reason or might be blocking us from being healed.

Let us first understand what does disease means. Disease is made of two words “Dis” and “Ease” or “Dis Ease”, which means that a part of our body is not at ease and wants us to believe that our thinking is not beneficial to our being.

With our experience, knowledge and discussions, we have been able to validate that our own emotional & mental blocks, deep in our sub conscious mind, always have a significant effect on our body. I have healed myself by clearing these blocks and I am sure this will help someone you love and care for. I can help you identify the emotional & mental blocks behind most of the diseases and pains and also the best way to heal it (in the form of affirmation). To start with, here are two of most common ailments:

What is an Affirmation?

Affirmation in simple words is a simple positive, powerful statement that when repeated becomes thoughts that creates our reality.

1)      Backache


Pain and discomfort in the lower back up to the waist denotes fear of material loss. The back provides the greatest support for the physical body therefore any back problem indicates that you don’t feel enough support.

Upper back pain: represent emotional insecurity. Doing is very important to you. It’s your way of showing and giving love to others. If someone does something for you, you feel loved and secure. However your back pain might provide you the perfect excuse not to do everything for others as you may fear that by doing too much, others won’t help you anymore. You expect a lot from others and when your expectations are not met you may feel you have a lot on your back. You have difficulty asking for help or support from others. When you do finally decide to do so and don’t receive the help you feel stuck and your back worsens. Upper back pain in some cases could also mean that you feel somebody is watching you that they are on your back all the time.

Pain in lower back: stop believing that by helping others you will loose your freedom. Acknowledge your limitations and express them to others. Remember, you reap what you sow, if you want to reap help, you have to have sown it in the past. You may begin to realize that you are afraid that others will not be there for you or that they might take advantage of you as before. These fears keep you from giving, which consequently prevent you from receiving.

I hope the details mentioned above will help lot of us to get rid of our backache. Lets pledge to change our thoughts and lead a happy, healthy life.

Affirmation: I am releasing tension in my back.

2)      Migraine

A common migraine is a severe, recurring headache usually affecting only one side of the head, characterized by sharp pain and often accompanied by nausea, vomiting and visual disturbances.


Migraines are directly linked with the I AM. They are most common in those who will not allow themselves to live according to their true nature. If a teenager for example dreams of being an artist, but allows himself to be influenced by his parents into another line of work, there are high chances of him suffering from migraines as long as he does not allow himself to be what he wants TO BE.

Migraines can occur when you feel guilty for daring to question those who influence you. You may not even be fully conscious of what it is you truly desire, to the point of living in someone else's shadow. How often do you find yourself saying "I can't be what I want”?


Ask yourself the following question: “If every circumstance around me had been perfect, what would I have wanted to BE, or what do I want to BE now if circumstances would allow"?

Determine what it is that has proven to be the greatest obstacle to your dreams. If you take a close and honest look, you will discover that it’s your belief system that is creating the greatest barrier to the fulfillment of your potential. Acknowledge and accept your fears and then go forward in the direction of your dreams by taking your time to reach your goals. 

So I am sure the above explanation for Migraine will benefit most of us and you will be able to cure it with the help of this affirmation. 

I would suggest you to do the following affirmations 21 times a day for 21 Days, at least twice a day:

Affirmation :“I relax into the flow of life and let life provide all that I need easily and comfortably. I deserve to live a pain free life. Life is for me."

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