Upasana Luthra says

"The first time I visited this school I actually felt welcome as compared to the other schools in Gurgaon.A sense of peace pervaded me and I felt at ease. The aura of positivity in the atmosphere is but evident.

We had moved here from Mumbai and my children were 7 years and 5 years then. My son has special needs and is a trying student. This was no issue with Matri Kiran. We were instantly assured admission which was a big relief at that stage.

MK2Matri Kiran uses an integrated approach to education. The school does not believe in the method of by rote learning and cramming kids with homework. Parents have recently been invited to “attend” school and experience this method. I must say I wish we had this while growing up … maybe my aversion for Mathematics would not be so prominent.

Matri Kiran also believes in holistic development and Yoga, Clay modeling ,Indian Music and Ballet are part of its curriculum. The need for extra classes does not arise at all.

My daughter also has learnt so much.. love for reading and her character has blossomed over these past two years.

My son receives undivided attention and from a child who never wanted to go to school it’s a pleasure to hear “When will the bus come?”

I would urge parents to change their thinking because only then we can think of change."

Lara Zilberkweit's Initial Thoughts on Matrikiran

When I think back to my own early school years, most of all I remember the excitement of the ‘new & colourful’ environment I had entered and the fun of learning.

However, my first impressions of school in India were quite different & daunting: academics & learning, syllabus completion, competition & more of the same. Though my children were not unhappy, I felt something valuable was missing.

1.5 years ago, my husband and I decided that the traditional ‘Indian’ way of schooling was not for us & we discovered Matrikiran. What we found, was more than I could have hoped for – here was the kind of environment my children could feel happy in & I could relate to!

MaitriKiranAt Matrikiran, school is all about introducing children to the joy of learning, by letting them discover it at their own pace, develop their own abilities & let their imagination flow freely. Here hidden treasures are uncovered and special talents nurtured. Moreover, the regular syllabus is integrated in a time-table filled with a perfectly balanced mix of academics, sports, music, arts & dance.

Our decision to switch from ‘standard’ schooling to Matrikiran has turned into an amazing & special experience for both our children and our family!