Technology adds fun to the Christmas

santa tracking

Find out where in the world your presents are right now with the official Santa Cam at NORAD Santa Tracker 2013 live: Follow Father Christmas's trip around the world at

You can also visit Santa's Village at North Pole. Take a look around the theatre, library or the music stage

Google tracks Santa departure and journey at

Also various applications available for download on smart phones (both Apple and Android devices)

  1. Letters to Santa– With this free app, choldren can send a letter to Santa from the smart device [phone/tablet]. Santa will respond to each letter in an hour or so.
  2. Santa Tracker: Track Santa's move using your smart device
  3. Santa Spy Camera: Santa Spy Cam™ (SSC) is the ultimate Christmas app that enables parents (and grandparents) to record live-action, high-quality video of friendly Elves AND Santa Claus in their home. With an almost limitless array of live-action video capability, Santa Spy Cam™ gives parents the power to capture “sightings” of Elves and Santa that kids all over the world have always wanted to see.
  4. Cocktail Flow: Ok this is for you! Enjoy the night of the big game with cocktails like Manning Martini, Bradley Bomb, Touchdown Tea and many more