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Please read on to hear what our member Sonia Khullar feels about TURNING 40

Women don't reveal their age,women are scared of growing old…these cliches follow all of us. This is my experience of reaching the big 4-0.




  • Its true that you get a boost of confidence injected into you
  • A switch turns on and the world seems so much easier to handle
  • You have nothing left to prove,no one you want to impress.People must now measure up to your standards.
  • SHIT will not be tolerated…not even from your close ones.
  • Toxic friends and relatives become easy to discard/ignore.
  • Dresses start to look good on you coz face it you can get away with fat 40year legs better than at any other age.
  • Suddenly you're the one being asked for advice…your opinion matters
  • Cleavage becomes your best friend.
  • You can openly drool at hunks
  • You no longer need to hide the amount of make up you use,or hair color,or figure shaping inner ware,or push up bras.
  • You can drink like there's no tomorrow …though sleep looks more inviting!
  • Sexual discussions allow you to say..Been there Done that.
  • Losing just 1 kilo invites envious looks.
  • Your kids are old enough to be independent yet young enough to come to you for advice.
  • BEST OF ALL…you finally learn to say NO!!

So look forward to this wonderful age.