UthappamDosa or Rice Pancake as some people calls it a South Indian specialities which are extremely popular and liked by all. Though we can make Uthappam with the left over Idli/Dosa batter, this is the special recipe for making soft Uthappam.


Raw Rice          – 2 cup                         

Boiled Rice        – 2 cup

White Urad Dal    -1/2 cup

Tuar Dal              -1/4 cup

Methi                 -1 tsp

Salt                   -4 tsp

Oil                    – As required


1.     Except salt soak all the ingredients for 3 hrs. Then grind to a consistency and add salt.


2.     Then grind to make a very fine paste of the mixture in a food processor by adding the necessary water to make the batter. Once ready keep aside the batter in a warm dark place for 8 hours so that it ferments well. Once done stir the batter well adding more water and salt if necessary.


3.     For someone who is not experienced in making dosas it is better to use a non stick pan.


4.     Once heated spread some oil and pour some batter on it and spread it to a thick circle.


5.     Sprinkle oil on both the side of the Uthappam.


6.     Once the dosa leaves the pan easily flip the dosa using the spatula.


7.     Serve hot with Sambar or Chutney.


Uthappam Varieties:

Using the same Uthappam batter, we can make so many varieties with small variations in it. As said above spread the batter in the tava and add vegetables as per your choice.

1.     Onion Uthappam

2.     Tomato Uthappam

3.     Paneer capsicum Uthappam

4.     Carrot  Uthappam

5.     Mix vegetable Uthappam( Onion, tomato, grated carrot, capsicum)