Meet Jasveen Gulati, Co-Founder of Urban Dance Center|| Urban Dance Entertainment || Urban Singh Crew

 This is what she has to say about her pregnancy dance video 
“I was a born dancer, at the age of 2 I used to dance on bhajans (haha), out of all songs. my parents knew this was my passion but due to unavoidable circumstances I couldn’t get professional training, so instead of leaving dance completely, I started working as a marketing head of a dance school so that I stay connected to my passion somehow.After 3 years left the company & got into events/entertainment industry as a client servicing manager. but there is always a point in life when you thin to do what your heart says, money will follow. So I left my job & opened up UDC.By the way, my husband had a huge role to play in this, he supported me throughout, from leaving my secured job to financing our business startup. I’m blessed to have him as my life partner.

This video also was after his consent, he said forget about what people will say, do what your heart wants to do. As this was in my pregnancy checklist before I even got married, I used to imagine dancing with my little one in the womb. With USC team support, we came up with this video. Till now 40 random people have shared & approximately 20k views on my pregnancy video which was so surprising.  I always wanted to treat my pregnancy as special, I wanted to enjoy every bit of it, though a lot of people fear of even shaking a leg during pregnancy either their partners or inlaws or parents don’t support or they take pregnancy as an illness. I wanted to change the mindset of all pregnant ladies. This is such a beautiful phase in our lives, how can we not enjoy & cherish such moments.
This video tagline – “More power to all the beautiful moms to be”
Jasveen talks about her journey 
It all started 4 years back with my passion to form a dance company (URBAN DANCE CENTER) which will cater to all kind of dance related requirements. I & my partner Sahaj Singh took the very first step of opening a dance school in Gurgaon sector 56, then in Vasant Kunj followed by Greater Kailash studio. Once classes were in full swing, we stepped into the entertainment industry, that’s how we came up with URBAN DANCE ENTERTAINMENT which was primarily into Corporate events, televised events, private performances. till date, we have done more than 200 shows across India & abroad.
Once you taste success, you are always looking for something bigger & better, that’s how we formed URBAN SINGH CREW – group of boys representing Punjabi community by fusing Hip-hop & Bhangra style. As both of us ( me & my partner) belong to Punjabi families, we always had a connect & love for Punjabi music & we were also working closely with PTC network for Film awards, Music Awards & from there we understood this market has a lot of untapped potentials.So Urban Singh crew was the need of the hour. With 2 months of inception, we were called for a reality show – Dance plus 2. we were the top 6 finalists & trust me within a very short span of time USC was all over traveling for shows/events.
I, as a Business head/marketing person, work closely with clients & work on ideas /concept building for all acts. Sahaj, on the other hand, looks after the creative side of choreography.
Thank you Jasveen for sharing your story and spreading happiness with your dance and as you rightly quoted ‘More power to all the beautiful moms to be. “