Can you love two people at a time?
This has been a topic of never-ending debate….
But this was not the case with him….he loved both of them equally….
He couldn’t do without either of them….his life had no meaning without their presence….
He always tried to keep both of them separate….so that the creeper of jealous doesn’t climb up the wall of love……

He even provided them separate abode……
This was that unfortunate day when despite all the efforts…he left them both together in his car….,n that opened the can of worms….
There was this spiteful conversation between the two…one could easily sense the tension mounting up…they loathed the presence of each other.
After the palpable air of hatred ….one of them broke the silence..
“I came to his life much before you did, our life had been a bed of roses….we were happy…there was no room for the third one in between…I wonder why you had to be the mascot of hate”

The second one, no less in spitting venom…also emptied her potion of poison….
“Only if you had taken good care of him…, I didn’t have to step forward…admit..that you lacked…in providing him the tender loving care he needed….” she boasted with an air of attitude…

First, one was all armed with counter-argument,
“I provide him peace….I cast a shadow in his harsh life…….I give him much needed TLC that you can never think of….I am stylish.I am hot…..but look at yourself.., huh plain Jane…” She certainly had dollops of attitude to sink the other one in the puddle of inferiority complex…..
“Well you may be doing all of that…but the true love is when you show them the vision….bring clarity in their thoughts…I provide him the inner peace…I make him see things clearly….make him see people beyond how they appear…I enable him to call a spade a spade….he feels lost in my absence…….he loses the vision of his life….he can not do without you..but the question is…can he live without me????” she hammered the last nail in the coffin,.,

Suddenly they both sealed their mouth as they saw him walking back towards the car…..

He slipped inside…n looked at both of them…n smiled…
They smiled back…
He continued driving n the endless argument between the two leading ladies of his life -his sunglasses n reading glasses…continued…….

Can he do without either of them…?
One provides him shade…the other gives clarity….
Can you decide?
Ah, you sure can love two people at a time….can’t you?
He just proved it….

Ps: this crazy idea of today’s story just popped up when I saw both my sun shades n reading glasses sitting pretty on my laptop….please do not declare me lunatic….or am I ?

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