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Manikarnika :Movie Review

First things first, I came to know that many amongst you think that my movie reviews are paid. Well, they are not. Just a crazy movie buff here trying to tell what she felt about the movie. And besides that you thought I was *that* famous that someone would arrange a...

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Budding Bagiya Golfers Need Your Support

Bagiya is run by the Sanshil foundation and they need our support . Their focus is education for underprivileged children. They even have a branch that counsels girls who have undergone any physical abuse.They have a golf training program where young children get...

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Healthy Banana Split Recipe

Breakfast Banana Split ( Recipe copyright @Swati Bathwal) Serves 1 Ingredients Banana- 1 1?2 cup yoghurt ( place them in the freezer) 1?4 cup pomegranate seeds 1?4 cup kiwi fruit 1?4 cup apple 1?4 cup strawberries (or any fruit of your choice) 1 tablespoon crushed...

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Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni : Gurgaon Book launch

Ramayana a tale told by grandparents and parents for us Hindus to worship lord Ram and Sita was just a given and its main theme to someone young was righteousness and duty. When one grew up and feminism took its roots through education and working, Sita became a...

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CK Birla Hospital for Women visits Harmony House

Last week doctors from CK Birla Hospital for Women visited Harmony House, an NGO in Gurgaon and interacted with a group of over 50 women. The participants were given a brief introduction of the hospital by their Chief Operating Officer (COO), Akshat Seth. Dr Rachna...

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Mommy Goals

#Mommy goalsWear a warm baniyan-thermal one inside after your bath…a full sleeve...

It is time to wake up…

It is time to wake up… I hold the paper tight… creasing it, and gather my courage, as I take the...

Stories by Moms

Instant Detox :Be Human

You don’t need to attend the retreats to detox yourself,you need not climb a mountain to be with “with your inner self “ or hug a tree to rediscover yourself need not sacrifice your “grihasth ashrama “ to attain can attain all of this by simply...

‘Moi moments de bonheur’

So I have something very interesting to share with you all today. 5:30 am-this morning My house help was cleaning the house...I was sitting in my living room,with my legs folded on sofa,reading and enjoying my morning fuel-my cup of between we both exchange a...

The Push

“ will be me ...”he held his mother’s frail hand and walked her to a cliff... “Trust.....I do trust you my son-whole heartedly ...but at this age all sorts of negative thoughts sabotage my joy...I want to trust but not blindly...have heard stories...

The Hearts Beat Together

Christmas was around the corner and Mrs. Rita Lobo was busy working in the kitchen. She was famous for her plum cakes and there were advance bookings always during this festive season. She had hired Susan to assist her and was extremely happy with her working style....

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