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Simple Tips for a Fabulous Skin Pre & Post Holi

We all love to enjoy the vibrant and colourful festival of Holi but definitely not at the cost of damaging our skin. Traditionally Holi used to be played with flowers and natural colours but sadly today it’s all about synthetic chemicals.These chemicals not only leave...

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A Word of Advice That Makes A World of Difference

The shared ice-cream treat made possible with a joint contribution in coins. The cricket match that never ended because the last ball was not a conclusive no-ball. The help with school homework that saved the day. The shared secret that mom and dad never got a whiff...

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Small Town Big Dreams

Dishevelled hair, strewn books, incomplete application forms, heaps of test-papers; it was a...

It is time to wake up…

It is time to wake up… I hold the paper tight… creasing it, and gather my courage, as I take the...

Home Made Night Lotion for a Blemish Free Skin

I prefer using home-made and natural products and this one cream that I have been using since long Since this is a preservative -free lotion that contains rose water, lemon juice, glycerine and vitamin e capsule , it is advised...

Stories by Moms

Help! I am Growing!!

I have a problem. A lack of awareness , maybe. So, somebody please enlighten me about some gadget, appliance, alarm, contraption... or anything remotely akin which would perform the following functions. P.s. It’s an SOS situation, a loud call out. Kindly discuss with...

The Hearts Beat Together

Christmas was around the corner and Mrs. Rita Lobo was busy working in the kitchen. She was famous for her plum cakes and there were advance bookings always during this festive season. She had hired Susan to assist her and was extremely happy with her working style....

The Perfect Christmas

"Welcome home"-the card read..decorated with glitters and colourful ribbons ...little Mia was quite an artist, She had placed the card on the table near the tiny yet so beautiful Xmas tree. The wind was teasing the curtains....fresh beam of sunlight had kissed every...


Ghazala had just lost her father in an accident and even before she could mourn for him fully, she was married off. All the extended family had started thinking of her as a liability and was forcing her mother to tie her to the first person who came to see her. Her...

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