Celebrate the Bond of Love with Exclusive & Handmade Rakhis and Gift a Smile

Rakshabandhan or Rakhi is a festival that celebrates the special brother-sister bond . This year...

Writing Workshop with Natasha Badhwar, author of ‘My Daughters Mum’; A Review

GurgaonMoms in association with Juggernaut, organised a writing workshop on the 4th of August...

Breaking the glass ceiling key to freeing women of judgment

“But I am happy as a stay-at-home mom, for now. This is a choice that I have consciously made,”...

San Choy Bow – My Veebification of this recipe

Ever since I saw these wraps on MasterChef I have wanted to try this recipe. However, I created my...

Veebadillas- My take on Quesadillas

Quesadillas (pronounced kessadeeyah) are a really handy fun food to prepare. And when you can...

Travel Diaries: The Beauty of Nature

Our members share their memories of the most beautiful places they have visited https://youtu.be/xhJlBvoYRcU   Thank you members for your contribution Richa Nitin Bansal , Bidisha Ray ,Menaka Rajpal, Deepika Singhi, Nidhi Upreti, Shelja Arora ,Preeti Bisht  Shikha...

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How To Make Ghee At Home

Homemade Ghee Hi, ladies just wanted to share how to get ghee in good quality and quantity from malai and that too with least effort. I just learned it. Transfer the malai collected for a week or so in a thick bottom kadai. I, of course, take full cream milk. There’s...

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Special Assisted Sports Academy Opens In Gurgaon

"Disability need not be an obstacle to success” -Stephen W. Hawking Children with special needs often face challenges in their daily lives. These children must be provided with adequate infrastructure and skills to deal with these challenges and help them in holistic...

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10:30 am Celebrating Women @ Crowne Plaza
Celebrating Women @ Crowne Plaza
Sep 8 @ 10:30 am – 3:00 pm
Celebrating Women @ Crowne Plaza
Just in time – before the festivities & wedding seasons can begin, watch the collections of some of our mom designers [selected from an online contest]. And how about an auction of curated items. All[...]

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Book Launch-Koi Good News?

Haven’t we all heard this at least once in our married lives? I remember by the time it was around 4 years after my marriage and we were still not parents, the concerned relatives & neighbors were passing on the numbers of fertility clinics to me and at every pound I...

Inspiring Mom Stories

One Foot Forward

At age thirteen, she topped her school in Grade X. By the age of sixteen, she had completed her graduation. She had finished her B.ed by the age of seventeen. At twenty, she topped the prestigious Panjab University, winning a gold medal for her Masters. Armed with a...

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Stories by Moms

Handle with Care

One tiny tale-word of fiction but reality of many. Soon after one year of staying together, she realized it was not worth investing pure and sincere emotions in a person who is not worth her salt. That one year spent together was a nightmare and the house was nothing...

Be Strong & Stop Abuse

It was another one of those nights. He had just come back and reeked of liquor. The car had been parked at an angle which showed the extent of drinking. How Shipra wished that he would be caught for drunk driving one of these days. "What fate would I meet today", she...

The Unanswered Questions

( Sometimes we find an image to compliment a write-up...but rarely it happens that when you click a picture ...a story automatically takes a shelter in your heart...I am penning down a fiction that I thought of when I shot this picture....) He asked her every time -...