Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2018 

When I first heard about an invitation to the Kids...

2019 Zodiac Predictions by Aditti Ahluwalia

Aries  It’s a year of mixed outcomes. The anxiety that you...

10 Must-Try Makeup Tips for Winters

Makeup Tips for Winters   Pamper your skin every night...

Duty Free – Vayu Bar Gurgaon:Review

Duty Free bar at Sector 29 is one of the newest entrants...

Ask-the-Doc-Series: Osteoporosis

At what age should ladies start taking daily calcium...

Scripting Your Story:From An-Other Land

An event attended for GurgaonMoms   On a sunny winter morning, many of us from Gurgaon Moms Book Club got together at the GreenR cafe, located in the 32ndMilestone Complex. The cafe was sunlit and spacious, just right for an animated discussion.  The philosophy behind...

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Daughters of Legacy: Scripting Your Story

Scripting your own story’ was an event attended for GurgaonMoms that brought together two books – ‘Daughters of Legacy’ by Rinku Paul and Puja Singhal and ‘From Another Land’ by Tanushree Ghosh. At a first glance, the two books seems to be on totally different themes...

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Anupama Jain: When Floater Bani Author

To encapsulate my last five years into 800 odd words is challenging. But this is heartfelt because second chances have those hidden background stories of untold struggles, tough decisions and hours of solitary hard work. My writing journey is barely five years old. I...

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Passionate about Saving the Forest in Kumaon

If you thought one person’s efforts couldn’t make a difference to the environment around us, meet Radhika Bhati Datta, a woman in her 40s, passionate about saving the forest in Kumaon. Love at First Sight Radhika first came to Kumaon when she was 8 years old with her...

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7 Super Delicious Khichdi Recipes by SuperMoms

Fabcafe, an inspired Indian Bistro that has opened its doors in Sector 29, Gurgaon after Vasant Kunj and Aerocity recently ran a contest in the GurgaonMoms community  where the members were asked to share their favourite version of Khichdi-which indeed is...

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12:00 pm Banarasiya – A GurgaonMoms Trip ... @ Granny's Inn
Banarasiya – A GurgaonMoms Trip ... @ Granny's Inn
Jan 27 @ 12:00 pm – Jan 29 @ 12:00 pm
Banarasiya - A GurgaonMoms Trip to Varanasi @ Granny's Inn
  Girls! It’s time to make some memories again. “Saree, Ghats & Temples of Varanasi” – an exciting sojourn in Banaras that makes you experience the different hues of life. A city where calm and[...]

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Mommy Goals

#Mommy goalsWear a warm baniyan-thermal one inside after your bath…a full sleeve...

It is time to wake up…

It is time to wake up… I hold the paper tight… creasing it, and gather my courage, as I take the...

Stories by Moms

Instant Detox :Be Human

You don’t need to attend the retreats to detox yourself,you need not climb a mountain to be with “with your inner self “ or hug a tree to rediscover yourself need not sacrifice your “grihasth ashrama “ to attain can attain all of this by simply...

‘Moi moments de bonheur’

So I have something very interesting to share with you all today. 5:30 am-this morning My house help was cleaning the house...I was sitting in my living room,with my legs folded on sofa,reading and enjoying my morning fuel-my cup of between we both exchange a...

The Push

“ will be me ...”he held his mother’s frail hand and walked her to a cliff... “Trust.....I do trust you my son-whole heartedly ...but at this age all sorts of negative thoughts sabotage my joy...I want to trust but not blindly...have heard stories...

The Hearts Beat Together

Christmas was around the corner and Mrs. Rita Lobo was busy working in the kitchen. She was famous for her plum cakes and there were advance bookings always during this festive season. She had hired Susan to assist her and was extremely happy with her working style....

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