‘Like A Girl’ : In conversation with Aparna Jain

I started reading to my daughter when she was about two and struggled to find books with female...

Building Emotionally Safe Spaces

‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ African proverb We are hardwired to seek connections, to...

Have You Got the High Security Number Plate for your Car?

Getting a High Security Number Plate has now become mandatory for all vehicles  . Though this...

Ask-The -Doc:3

Q: I have been getting constant headaches since a few weeks now . Which doctor do I need to go to?...

6 Salad Recipes with Asian Flavours

I love salads, who doesn’t ? Just mix up a generous amount of salad veggies, top it with some...

Recipe : Sriracha Fried Rice

Asian cuisines are my favourite. They are full of vegetables & meats cooked in a healthy manner and emphasis on grains/rice is less making the meal overall healthier. My favourite comfort food is leftover rice tossed up with vegetables with a sunny-side egg on top....

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Peanut Butter-Banana Smoothie Bow

Currently food is a major part of my life. I’m a co-admin for a food group and we are always either discussing food or eating or planning what to eat next ! My personal cooking style is simple and no-fuss and I get scared of recipes which go into several pages. I love...

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One Foot Forward

At age thirteen, she topped her school in Grade X. By the age of sixteen, she had completed her graduation. She had finished her B.ed by the age of seventeen. At twenty, she topped the prestigious Panjab University, winning a gold medal for her Masters. Armed with a...

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Cherish the ‘Me’ Time

“It is Amma’s bday tomorrow ,I am planning to take an off from work and spend the entire day with her”her son who was in mid forties announced to his wife. “Rajat ,I was thinking the same ...mom might be missing the quality time as we both are working and Ryan also...

Are you ready?

She was pregnant. Yet again. As the pregnancy progressed, Anika became scared because she did not want to lose her baby one more time. She had had a miscarriage twice and a stillborn once. She was shattered to the core but, her desire to have her own child surpassed...

Love at First “Touch”

After having spent countless nights in the hope to hear this good news, both of them were feeling ecstatic today. They had applied for the adoption but it seems God was testing their patience.. Finally, their wait, worries, and anxieties were about to get over......