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DaawatLooking for the perfect biryani recipe? Thirty lucky GurgaonMoms got the best recipe in town from a chef, who cooks more with his instincts than a set recipe. And that’s what makes the difference. It’s not all in the ‘dum’, but it also how much heart and soul you put into its making! 

chefAnd Chef Basant Kishor, Executive Chef, Ramada Central Gurgaon, did just that. His simplistic style of cooking, chatting with his audience and using his intuitive skills for portions instead of measuring cups, won the hearts of Gurgaon Moms. His simplistic manner of showing us how to make the best ‘dum’ biryani to giving us little tips and tricks and adding a grandma’s recipe for good health using household ingredients, made it a morning worth every one’s time and money. Chef Kishor took the pains of elaborately explain each step and process to ensure our mommies got the recipe for the biryani right. 

And he didn’t stop there. He added two more recipes for dessert using the healthy option of brown rice. He showed us the technique of making ‘firni’ using brown rice and the little tip on getting the setting consistency right. This was followed by a quick fix mango pudding, also using brown rice. We got to taste all the dishes, including the veggie version of the biryani.


By this time most moms had a filled their tummies with the yummies and were least expecting a full buffet spread at the Ramada coffee shop after the demo! And the surprises didn’t end here. The ladies were judged on the spot for the best traditionally dressed lady by GM Supriti Batra and Tanya from Ramada. Meenakshi Pareek Chakraborty, who had taken the trouble of wearing her sari in the traditional Bengali way, was the clear winner. She won a dinner for two at Ramada. Meena Yadav, in a silk kurta and salwar and Lakshmi Thampi draped in a gorgeous red sari also won themselves spa vouchers from Four Fountains. But there were goodies for everyone. Daawat Basmati Rice give everyone a Diwali hamper of biryani and pulao basmati rice, Ramada chipped in with discount vouchers and a Four Fountains Spa had discount vouchers for all.


And it turned out to be a very exciting event for all Gurgaon Moms. For those of you who missed the events, here’s Chef Kishor’s recipe for good health. Do try it at home:

harp1 cup ginger juice

1 cup garlic juice

1 cup apple cider

1 cup lemon juice.

Put all the four ingredients into a pan and boil till it is reduced by half (2 cups). Add 3 cups of honey to this and allow the mixture to cool. Store in airtight glass jars.

One teaspoon of this every morning before breakfast, will keep you healthy, promises the chef.


Event Organization & Execution : The Talented Shubha Ram

Pictures : The ‘Awesome’ Lakshmi Thampi

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Special Thanks to Hotel Ramada

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