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Global Burden of Disease Study 2013’ confirmed that India is the third most obese country in the world only after United States and China. We are sure that is one ranking position India will not be proud of. Obesity among children and adolescents is rising rapidly and lifestyle disorders are forcing more and more people to reel under excess body weight. We at Paris Saint-Germain Academy strongly believe that organized sport makes our children fitter and healthier in addition to delivering the noble values of sport. Allow us to illustrate a few key benefits:


Organized sports get children off the sofa and on the field. Participating in an organized sport helps build a child’s stamina and making them more physically fit and healthier. The exercise from organized sports can help a young child to reach his activity goal for the day and decrease the likelihood of developing chronic medical conditions resulting from inactivity.


There is no “I” in team, and no team can rely on a single player for the team’s success. Every player in football team plays an important part in the game, and without the full cooperation of all team players, the team cannot be successful. By being part of a team, a child learns to play his own part to help his whole team be successful.


Football has winners and losers. Losing a game can build character as the members of the team must learn from their mistakes and strive to make a difference at the next game. Team sports also teach children to become gracious winners, as many teams encourage congratulations for both teams on a good game played, no matter the outcome (important this is always encouraged). While losing hurts, and winning feels good, learning how to not overreact to either situation can make a child a better person.

“Sports can provide excellent educational opportunities for social development because many of the social and moral requirements for participation in sports are parallels to how individuals must function in a law-abiding society,”

Coach Sacha Head Coach & Technical Director for Paris Saint-Germain Academy India says, “Football is a sport that the world loves but it is one of those sports that kids enjoy the most. It is this enjoyment that helps us in not only shaping their future as a footballer but also helping them in achieving a holistic development and making them more prepared for the future.” 

If your child is not already part of an organized sport activity, then get them involved and give them the best gift to help them achieve a much more positive perspective towards life and their own well being.