Craving for some yummy pizza, but want to DIY? (Do-it-yourself). It can be a relaxing family activity or part of a birthday celebration.

Look no further and order one from HomeSlice: Changing the way you eat pizza! They are now available in Gurgaon, Mumbai & Kolkata 

They have traditional Italian DIY Pizza Kits made with the freshest ingredients.


? Each DIY pizza kit is prepared fresh after receiving your order and delivered almost immediately to you
? 12” Thin crust pizza
? The kit contains a minimum of 3 types of the best cheese available globally & extra virgin olive oil
? The pizza sauce is 100% locally grown tomatoes and fresh herbs
? Bakes perfectly in your OTG
? Takes 30 seconds to assemble and 8 minutes to bake
? Eat your pizza while the cheese is still bubbling
? If you’re feeling lazy, select the Take ‘n’ Bake option. It’s freshly baked by us but you will still need to put it on a hot tawa / preheated OTG for 90 seconds and it’s ready to eat!


Sector 54: 96677 60857

New Alipore: 91635 98564
Wood street: 97487 78564

Mumbai: 99200 89981

[email protected]

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