Want to gift your child some unique that is learning combined with fun?

Wonderlab is a venture for children to experience science in a fun & involved manner. They have recently launched DIY Science Kits. Their aim is to make science fun for kids. Order these kits for your children today

Mega Slime Kit by WonderLab: Become The Ultimate Slime Scientist!.

Science kits

– Make 5+ slimes at home and enjoy the gooey adventure
– Simple and easy slime making recipes to gift your little slime masters
– Detailed illustrations and manuals to guide you through everything
• materials and decoratives to make 5 different kinds of slime
• detailed manuals with steps + explanations of polymer-science concepts
• some fun facts about slime and polymers
• many more slime-making ideas for children to explore for themselves
Kit includes the following slime-making activities:
1. Pixie Dust Gold Slime
2. Yum Dum BubbleGum SLime
3. Supernova In My Galaxy Slime
4. Spin A Monster Web
5. My Time With Slime
 Cost: INR 1499 (including shipping).
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Fizzy Chemistry Kits

Image may contain: text that says 'FIZZY CHEMISTRY THE PERFECT INTRODUCTION ?? THE MAGICAL WORLD OF CHEMISTRY FIZZY ROMBS BATH FIZZY POTIONS INCLUDES: •Five Science Experiments •Illustrated Manuals Additionalideas for more experiments Hours fun and engagement! ELEPHANT'S TOOTHPASTE POP ROCKET A5-/RCPICNC CETALYSIS GLITTERY LAMP IUtEnOE WONDER FIZZY CHEMISTRY T9 MEDNY CHEAMISTRY! LEARNING AGE •Introduction ILLUSTRATED BENEFITS concepts AluIT EEPTENSICN SUTCN FIZZY CHEMISTRY manner basic and Explains the science behind activities through illustrated manuals .Includes fun facts suggestions to take the experiments further through additional activitiesfor an enhanced learning experience PRE-BOOK YOUR KIT NOW! For orders, please contact 9810572061 or DM us on @wonderlab_science f thewonderlab'

Immerse into a fizzy and foamy world and brew up your own magical concoctions!
Explore chemistry through some fun experiments
Included in the box:
  • materials for 5 amazing experiments
  • detailed manuals with steps and explanations of underlying science concepts
  • some fun facts related to the experiments
  • more ideas for children to explore for themselves

Kit includes the following learning activities:

     1. Pop Rocket
     2. Elephant Toothpaste
     3. Fizzy Bath Bombs
     4. Glittery Lava Lamp
     5. Fizzy Potions


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