On this World AIDS Day, Pee Safe announced the launch of DOMINA – Female Condom!

Domina meanswoman of rank: a woman of rank specifically: a woman holding a barony in her own right.

It’s time to take your protection into your hands.
Female condoms were invented by Dr. Lasse Hessel, who developed this in response to women lacking options to prevent AIDS/HIV. Today, it’s production is sponsored by WHO and the UN.

Domina is one such product that not only takes care of your pleasure but also takes care of all your pregnancy and STIs. It comes in a unique design with a width of 75+/-2mm. Made with natural rubber latex, the condom is electronically tested, guarantees no side effects along with a great experience with a sweet lavender fragrance. 

Price: Rs 199 (Pack of 2) 

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(Shipping starts 24th December onwards)