The new year is just around the corner and you have probably booked your party places and holiday destinations already. Many of us have parties and hangouts planned on our building rooftops or society’s activity areas. Have you decided what you are wearing to your New Year party? Here are some holiday dressing tips for you.

Points to note about New Year time

  • It is winter time, so we need to stay warm and fashionable.
  • These are western celebrations so western dressing is preferable.
  • Parties are mostly held at night and are attended by a young audience.

Here are some quick Fashion Tips for your upcoming New Year event.

Glitter with a Classic Outlook

If you do not prefer too much attention and want to maintain a professional outlook here is our suggestion. A party attire yet with a classy and professional touch. You can remove the jacket if it is an indoor party and it is not very cold out there.

The Party Girl

This is a combination of style, comfort, and warmth. Though it does not litter flash it still brings a good deal of attention in a warm way. You can also try bright colors like Red and Black, Orange and Navy Blue, Pink and Grey etc.

The Queen in Gown

Bring on the regal touch with a gown, fur jacket, royal cap or hairdo with sleek and lacy footwear. Team it up with silver or platinum jewelry and you shall the queen of the party.  You may also try velvet gowns with or without dazzling patterns for royal party themes.

Burn the dance floor with Red and Black

Red and black is a classic party wear combination. Try this with a skirt and leather jacket, especially if you are the dancing type and need to free your legs on the dance floor. It also goes well with Christmas and New Year themes.

Carry a Shawl, Poncho, Scarf

Carry a layer of warm dressings with you if your dress is not adequate to keep you warm if you are in an outdoor party or traveling back late night and are exposed to cold winter nights

Partying and Clubbing

Add short dresses or skirts with stockings and boots with high heels. High heels look great on party night and look good when going out to clubbing.

Finally, we have a safety tip for ladies. If you are partying late night make sure you have some trusted companions and friends with you. Do not accept drinks or food from strangers or mild acquaintances and arrange your own vehicles or cabs when traveling to and back from the party locations.