Being a Bengali during Durga puja and not in your home town, make you miss your culture more than ever.

All Bengalis world over are cursed by a simple thing of being a foodie. A doctor in a recent visit for my mom even mentioned that ideally no tests are recommended for Bengalis right after the pujas. We simply love food and just for this I tried my hands at making dry Bengali sondesh.

Ingredients needed:

·         Milk – litres

·         Lemon Juice – large one

·         ½ (small) Cup Sugar or Powered Sugar

·          tsp Essence – Vanilla / Rose

·         Garnish – Few saffron strands / Pista


Pic 1 - Straining the water out of the paneerPic 2 - How the mixute looks like after kneading it
Straining the water out of the paneerHow the mixture looks like-after kneading
WP_20140921_003_copy <– Yummy Sondesh Ready to Eat!
  • Boil the milk
  • Add the lemon juice while stirring the milk and watch as it forms solid chunks and the liquid is separated
  • Strain the “chana” or paneer in a soft muslin cloth. Make sure all excess water is drained out.
  • After the panner cools down – add the sugar, vanilla essence and knead the dough till you get a fine mixture and the sugar is completely dissolved.
  • This step is the tricky part as there cannot be excess water and the mixture has to be dry and hard enough to retain the shape.
  • If you want knead it in the food processor – it gives a finer mixture
  • It’s now ready to be shaped and moulded. I have used sandesh moulds got from Kolkata.
  • You can round them into small balls, garnish it with saffron and pista if you want.