Keeping my almost 4 year old ‘constructively’ occupied is certainly a difficult task. Indeed, I can see many of you nod in agreement. Have you spent days wondering how to engage your child without resorting to the television or iPad? Well, I know I have struggled and I am glad to have stumbled upon the concept of ‘activity boxes’ for kids.

IMG_3469IMG_3471Flintobox is a monthly activity box service, which has many “games” which engage the child, while there are underlying meaningful developmental activities in each. It follows a theme every month and each box is carefully curated with a wholesome range of activities. What can be better than a set of activities that aim at developing gross motor skilss, sensory, imaginative, and cognitive skills, all put together in a box!

Bayiravi Mani, mother to a nearly three year old had this to say about the box. “The packaging is excellent and makes an amazing first impression. The instructions that come with it are also great. Though the children are more interested in doing the activities their own way, subscribing to these activity boxes is worth the money for all the effort that has gone into it.”

There is a theme that is followed for each month and the activities are based on that. We got a Junior Marine Scientist box ( that truly kept us all engaged. What’s interesting about the activities is how it finds a way to involve each family member in some way or that other.

IMG_3477The box we received had five activities each of which had different objectives and challenged different skills. From challenging their creativity through the “Dancing Jellyfish” game, honing the toddler’s memory with the “Hidden on Shore” game in which child uses to find “hidden” objects on the shore and racing to match them with the right tokens. Flintobox is innovative in both its approach and the props it provides for gameplay – the “dark light” torchlight and “kinetic sand” are two such innovations, which rightly enthuses the child to start exploring the games. This speaks volumes about the thought that has gone into each game.

IMG_3916 What my son enjoyed the most was an activity called ‘ Fish the fish’. A two-player fishing game where the players roll a dice and catch the corresponding fish! This game kept both my son and me busy. I must mention here that he took great care in also dressing up for this activity with a hat. He said, “I actually feel like I am fishing.” 

We are fans for life now, and highly recommend it to all.

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