Goat Cheese Orange Salad

Goat Cheese Orange Salad
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes


  • Iceberg Lettuce -200g
  • Rocket Leaves -200g
  • Lollo Rosso leaves -100g
  • Cherry Tomatoes-30g
  • Red Grapes-50g
  • Dark Soy Sauce-1tbsp
  • Sesame Oil-2tbsp
  • Yuzu Puree-2tbsp
  • Lemon Juice- 20ml
  • Goat Cheese-40g
  • Orange-1 nos
  • Mixed Herbs-A pinch
  • Quinoa-2tbsp
  • Pinenut-1tbsp
  • Salt & Pepper-As per taste



1.    Cherry tomatoes cut into half

2.    Red Grapes cut into half and deseeded

3.    Boil the Quinoa drain and cool. Toast the Quinoa in a pan till crunchy.

4.    Tear all the Lettuce and keep in chilled water for crunchiness

5.    Toast the pinenut

6.    Pat it dry and set aside.

7.    Peel the orange and cu it into individual segments

8.    Crumble the goat cheese


1.    In a mixing bowl add sesame oil, Yuzu Puree/lemon juice, and dark soy sauce, a pinch of mixed herbs, lemon juice and black pepper. Mix it all well and the salad dressing is over.

2.    In another mixing bowl tear and add the Lollo Rosso leaves Rocket leaves and Iceberg lettuce.

3.    Pour the prepared dressing over the leaves and mix it very well

4.    To the mixed ingredients add the orange segment, grapes and cherry tomatoes.

5.    Toss it gently with spoon or salad mixer.

6.    Arrange in a salad platter. Sprinkle the toasted pinenut and crumbled goat cheese over it.

7.    Sprinkle generous amount of toastedQuinoa above the salad.

8.    The fresh green salad is ready toserve.


Bhasker Chandra:Executive Chef,The Atara