The perils of the pandemic are not just limited to adults but kids as well. The need to build immunity in kids has become significant now more than ever. One way of strengthening immunity is through Yoga. However, it becomes quite challenging to encourage kids to perform Yoga due to the thought of it being boring and mundane.


Here are 5 ways to make Yoga fun and entertaining for kids


1.    Develop a story

Storytelling is the best way to engage kids and is a steppingstone for learning. Develop a story while making them do yoga poses and help them build their imagination. Try incorporating yoga poses into any story where it mentions an object or animal.




2      Make the Asanas more creative

Tadasana, Adho Mukho Svanasana, Kursiasana! As much as these asanas sound difficult to pronounce perform, imagine the plight of a child who is asked to perform these yogasanas. To ease the process, name the yoga asanas to their favourite characters. For instance, Dora climbing the tree pose, Motu catching a ball pose, etc.




3      Do it with them

Partner yoga helps in better communication and developing deeper bonds with the parents. Balance poses help in not just understanding the sense of stability but also balance their needs with others.




4      Engage with their favourite characters

Kids consider their favourite animated characters as role models. You can leverage the influence of such characters to encourage them to perform yoga poses. The next time when your kid refuses to workout, you can simply say “Dora would do this!”




5      Create an adventurous time for them

There is nothing more epic than creating adventures for them. Ask them to do poses that help them imagine. For instance, pretending to climb the mountains, asking them to become a boat; you can help them strike a pose every time.



This International Yoga Day, Nickelodeon is taking the onus of urging kids to include Yoga in their daily lives and to build a fitter ecosystem for themselves… KyunkiYoga Se Hi Hoga.