Gurgaon, February 12, 2022

Mine4nine Story

Pregnancy is that distinct time in a woman’s life when she deserves to feel awesome. At Mine4Nine we craft fashionable, comfortable and high-quality maternity wear to let you seamlessly convey your original style sense to your new curves. From your day-after-day must-haves to special occasion attire, you can get all selections from us. It’s not always easy, growing a little life inside of you. The morning sickness | The hormones | Cravings | Cramps | Emotional fluctuations | The sleeplessness and above all, the changes in your body. Amidst so much to handle, the wardrobe should be the least of your worry. Isn’t it? Well, you have our back.

For Moms by a Mom  

The business was brought into existence by a women entrepreneur, a mother of two. She profoundly understands the needs of a pregnant woman from her own experience. The reflection of that can be seen in our designs.

 Inspired by each one of you

 Way back when we started, affordable and trendy maternity clothes were not available in India, We started this brand to let the Indian women be liberated from those clumsy and oversized maxis, which they wore during pregnancies and be educated about the special maternity wear needed for those nine months. There was a huge gap in maternity clothes in the market especially for working women and socially active women who had to frequently meet people and needed a wardrobe to fulfill their needs. We are a community of 1,00,000 + moms today. Mine4nine ensembles take care of the entire wardrobe needs of pregnant women and create a value of Trend, Quality, Functionality, comfort, affordability, and availability. The maternity wear solutions help you carry your fashion sense everywhere right from work, to social gatherings, parties, and home. Thanks to all our customers and collaborators, we see our clothes being worn by moms across the country, we have curated our collection around functionality, occasion, and core type.

9 months and beyond

Crafted with love, this apparel will expand with the unique transformation in your body from trimester to trimester. These apparels embrace all the shifts in your body and adjust to it comfortably. They have concealed zippers, buttons at the front which allows the ensemble to be used for nursing purpose post-pregnancy. You can feed your child comfortably and confidently without much hassles. These functional zippers are placed strategically on the garment to let you utilize it for a longer time beyond childbirth. The design versatility helps you accommodate the transition. Our silhouettes flatter your baby bump.

About the Founders  

Mine4nine was started by Rakhi Khera, single handily, in the rear balcony of her house, when her idea of renting out designer maternity apparel was not well received. Being confident of the success of the maternity wear business, exploited the online business wave to create own women wear brand and maternity wear brand. This venture has let the working and socializing females maintain the style and enhanced their self-respect, confidence and a winning attitude during pregnancy without costing a fortune. Mine4nine is a design and manufacturing house for maternity wear. From a solo woman start-up, Minje4nine swiftly grew to become a noteworthy brand. Rakhi is a commerce graduate and has also undergone a certification program WEDP 3.0 designed by EDDI, Walmart, and WeConnect. She also got a management program sponsored by Goldman Sachs 10000 women, in NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore. She had a deep interest in fashion but could not choose it as a career, due to prevailing conditions. She remained a happy homemaker but had an identity crisis. She wanted to do something which can suit her time, interest and skills. She is the founder of this venture and actively leading the entire team. She is the Face of the MSME development campaign by Walmart named “Vriddhi”. Her story was covered by “YourStory” and other leading media like business standards, the tribal box, etc. She is associated with “Amazon Saheli” as a key speaker and had launched the Amazon women storefront in 2021 along with Smt. Smriti Irani. Her journey is being introduced as a case study in the IIT Madras syllabus. She has associated herself with the “Prime minister safe motherhood campaign” and also trying to inspire and mentor a few women entrepreneurs. She loves Travelling, listening to music and watching movies.

In 2020, she was joined by her husband Rajeev Khera as an advisor on board. His fortes are strategic thinking, business finance, brand building, and marketing. He is an industry professional with extensive experience of 22+ years in business development, sales operations and alliance management. He has a fulfilling career journey, leading various teams at large companies like Airtel, Alcatel-Lucent, and Huawei. He is a people’s manager and has built a trusted relationship with partners, customers, and co-workers across multiple organization levels. He has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and has mentored and supported some great business ideas. His latest venture is an agritech start-up called “Chakki Peesing”, besides actively mentoring Mine4nine. Together they bring a lot of synergies and are building this business together.

Shark Tank story Shark Tank has been a super success and now Shart Tank India has become a huge hit in no time. The sharks, the ideas, the pitch, Indian entrepreneurs, and fundings are new words learned by all Indians. The new year could not have started on a better note than this as Mine4Nine was one of the 198 shortlisted finalists in Shark Tank India  Our key learnings from Shark Tank were

  1. Focus on making our brand a D2C brand
  2. Creating a marketing plan with a focus on customer engagement and responsiveness, creating
  3. Operational optimization on the number of SKUs and inventory cost

We are now connected with 198 finalists and seek support from each other on a day-to-day basis. Collectively we are a very big force now and will have great synergies from each other’s businesses.

This is a Press Release by Mine4Nine