Getting a High Security Number Plate has now become mandatory for all vehicles¬† . Though this ruling was passed in 2012 , it is only now that the police have started challaning vehicles without these number plates .The Haryana Transport Authority had set deadline for 30th September and Delhi Transport Authority has set a deadline of 13th October 2018 for covering all Vehicles already on road to have HSRP Fixed and has even set fine that in event a vehicle¬† plying on road without HSRP Plate.There’s Rs 500 fine or three-month jail for not installing such number plates .
While new vehicles come with these high security registration plates, most of the older vehicles do not have these number plates.

What is a High Security Number Plate

It is a  non breakable number plate  built on 1 mm Aluminium Sheet that has a  chromium based IND Hologram. These number plates are said to to be non- removable and non -reusable due to snap lock. They cannot be removed due to snap lock even when broken and only the RTO can replace same.They are tamper-proof plates and minimise the risk of being stolen.

Here is the process of getting the number plates in Gurgaon

For Delhi -Log onto and follow the above mentioned process

For other States , you need to get in touch with the RTO office

Image Source :TOI

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