Lata Ramaswamy, lovingly called Amma, a 67-year-old lady living in Gurgaon, had been fighting diabetes for over 30 years. Although she had accepted it to be a part of her life, consuming medicines day in and day out. 3 years back her eyes started to give up. She had to get her retinopathy done. That’s when the bells rang and she decided that enough is enough and that she had to make a change. After extensive research and loads of conversations with many, she finally switched to Millets. Consuming rice would increase her sugar levels by 100 points but millets started regulating her sugar levels.

She shifted completely from Rice and wheat to Millets, although there was never a compromise on flavors. Millets- only the 5 positive ones, since they could be consumed year-round. 

She decided to try it for 3 months first and then come to a conclusion. Not one dish was repeated in those 3 months, not once. The effect in 3 months was enough for them to convert completely.

Today, she is almost off medications, down by some 15kgs in 2 years, and on the path to a Diabetes Reversal.

That’s how Amma’s Miracle Millets came into being. 

She documented all her Millet Recipes. She created a Facebook group where others could ask their doubts and share recipes of their own. But the rule was only Positive millets. She also began a Diabetic Relief Challenge, where people would connect on WhatsApp for 1 month, where she would help them with foods to eat that would help them change their lifestyle. A huge number of people joined and she ended up helping so many. 


Now she believes, that’s her Goal in Life. Help people get relief and ultimately reverse their diabetes. Her hope is to Make Food Your Medicine.

You can View her recipes on Facebook and Instagram.

And her Facebook Group that discusses only Positive Millets and Recipes: