Life is beautiful and yet the truth is it’s unpredictable! I realized this in 2016 when my father was diagnosed with Liver Disease where 90% of his liver was damaged. A liver transplant was the only option.
I am Priti Singla sharing a story of my dad Mr. R.A.Singla. We are three siblings and I am the eldest. Being from a middle-class family, we had so many questions regarding the treatment.
  • How will it be done?
  • Who will or can give the liver?
  • Cost?
  • And majorly guarantee of the well-being!
So much in mind and so much to do … all three of us stood in front of the doctor and informed him that we all can give the liver.s I strongly believe, that every problem comes with a solution and every human being comes with a goal in this world.
My youngest sister, 20-year-old Ayushi was the chosen one. She bravely told the doctor that she wants to do this as her other siblings were married and had children and had so many other responsibilities. We chose the hospital and the doctor told us everything about the transplant. He cleared all our doubts and told us about the risks. It was an expensive procedure.
organ donation
Both dad and Ayushi had to go through intensive tests before the surgery to find out if the liver matched and if the transplant was possible. Thankfully it was a perfect match. A liver transplant is a long surgery. The receiver is in surgery for about 19 hours and the donor is in surgery for about 14 hours. All of us were in emotional turmoil as the head of the family and the youngest member were both in the operation theater. A daughter who took this brave step to save her father.
Recovery was a slow and long process, both mentally and physically. Both of them needed a lot of care. Initially, there were monthly follow-ups, then quarterly, and then half-yearly.
At times family members have to turn into warriors to provide love, care, and support to each other. It was a tough ride for us, but when you want the best for the people you love, it helps make a decision and give support.
There were many people who supported us and some who didn’t. They said, ‘Why did you let a young girl go through this? Who will marry her, there will be a permanent mark on her stomach. Will she be able to conceive if she gets married?’
But what matters is, that, as a family, you stand tall with each other.
organ donation
My dad survived for 1.5 years after surgery and all the sacrifice was worth it when we saw him happy, healthy, and hearty. But God had his plans and our father left us in his sleep.
Now my sister is also married. With this incident, I understood one thing very clearly we all should encourage organ donation. We can save so many lives if each one of us pledges our organs. Whether we are alive or dead, let’s help the people around us.

This write-up has been authored by Priti Singla 

Priti has more than 18 years of work experience in digital sales and marketing. She now works as a spiritual teacher. She likes to bring people out of stress and bring happiness in their lives by making them meet their lost selves. 
She also takes courses in prisons, for anybody and everybody who breathes .Her hobby is meeting new people and making everyone feel special

Organ Donation in India is observed on the 27th of November every year.

Life is a gift. Pass it on by becoming an organ donor.

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