During my recent trip to the salon, I saw a little girl with her mommy, trying to get a haircut. The child was wailing and traumatized. The mommy was trying to keep her calm but the child would start crying every few seconds. This took me back to the time when I would absolutely dread going out with my newborn child because he would hate – yes, hate car rides. 
I wanted to just get up and hold the child, probably sing a few nursery rhymes with her before putting her back into the chair and give that mommy a tight hug. But I couldn’t do it. I had gone for hair colour and I was looking like a satellite dish. It was scary enough for me – I wonder how the child would have reacted seeing me!
Getting your child’s haircut, especially the first one can be pretty challenging 
So dear mommies, here are a few tips when you are heading out for your little one’s haircut : 
  1. Choose a salon that has a good experience with children. You know they will be good at handling difficult situations. It will be reassuring and will keep you calm. You could also read reviews before making an appointment. You could also try visiting the salon a day prior to the appointment to familiarise your child. 
  2. You could practice role-playing at home where you enact giving your child a haircut. You could make your child wear a cape and use toy scissors. You could also try cutting the ends of your hair in front of your child, to show him/her that it doesn’t hurt. Keep talking to your child about the experience so that they don’t find themselves in an unfamiliar situation. You could also show your child videos of other children getting a haircut happily. 



      3.Carry the following things with you – 

  • Your child’s favourite toy. Something familiar in an unfamiliar environment will keep your baby calm. You could carry your child’s favourite storybook too. Once your child is comfortably seated in the chair, you could start reading the storybook. 
  • You could also play your child’s favourite nursery rhyme. Music can have a calming effect and can uplift the mood. 
  • Carry extra pair of your child’s clothing with you. There are times when children don’t want to wear a cape and tiny wisps of hair can get into your child’s clothing. Which can get very uncomfortable. So you could change the clothes there at the salon and give your child a shower once you get back home.
  • It is a great idea to carry some of your child’s favourite snacks and treats. keep rewarding your child. Your child will know that good behaviour is appreciated. 
  1. Have the child’s chair placed away from the mirror. It can be scary to see a stranger hovering over your head with scissors. The child should not be able to see himself/ herself in the mirror. If it is possible, you could place the child on your lap. 

child's haircut

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  1. Have the hairdresser make polite conversation with your child before starting the haircut. Children like smiling and friendly faces. It would be great though if the hairdresser could show some dance moves when you play the nursery rhymes. (No one minds extra tipping during this extraordinary circumstance).
  2. Keep taking breaks. You would know if your child starts getting uneasy. Take a break before that. Divert your child’s mind with snacks, music, or a story. Once your child settles down, you could resume again. Don’t forget to compliment your child – for good behaviour and how she/he is looking. 
  3. Schedule your child’s haircut at a time when he/she is not sleepy or hungry. You will know when your child can be indulged in any activity like a haircut. The child could get cranky if sleepy or hungry. If the child is cranky, then nothing seems appealing to them – not even mommy!
  4. There will be times when it won’t work out. In spite of everything you did. Do NOT force your child to sit. Do NOT lose your cool. It is absolutely all right and there is no need to get embarrassed. All children get cranky. If your child is not willing to sit anymore, let it be. Go back and come another time. 

child's haircut

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Try to make your child’s haircut into a fan activity. Most importantly, children get the vibes you are carrying. So be totally calm and enjoy the moment with your ‘bundle of joy’!
Lastly, don’t forget to give a pat on your back (even if it did not work out). For some children, it can be a herculean task. You all deserve a treat after this adventure.