Incredible India – An International Cake Collaboration

Hosted by – Tina Scott Parashar

India has been the nurturer of tradition and culture for long. When so many cultures amalgamate together, a rich heritage is born. It is from that heritage that they draw inspiration. This collaboration, hosted by Tina Scott Parashar, is born out of the collective effort of over a hundred very talented cake artists who have come together to create visual works of brilliance through their favorite medium, sugar.This collaboration revealed on 11 November 2017 and showcased the beauty and cultural diversity of India. It was chosen to be a Global Sugar Artists Network country collaboration for India.
She also was the Editor of the Collab book and magazine released at the same time which includes all the collaboration cakes, recipes, interviews, and tutorials. Every cent that they raised from this collaboration so far through magazine advertisements (Indian Rupees 1,50,000 /€ 1959/ $2313) has been donated to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund (India). All the proceeds from the sale of the magazine will also be donated. This was possible also because they had a print sponsor Four Clover, who helped them get the book and magazine to print. To have worked so hard on this collaboration and raised this much for a good cause, makes Tina very proud of the work they have done and all that they have managed to achieve as the Incredible India Team.
They always wanted to do a grand project which involved a mix of international and Indian artists. This was also a platform to showcase the work of the upcoming sugar artists in the country as well as an opportunity for some renowned international artists to showcase their unique take on India.  108 artists came together and made this collaboration possible. 
 Tina Scott Parashar
Tina Scott Parashar is an award-winning cake artist who entered the industry about 5 years ago. She has been named as one of the Top 10 Cake Artists in India, 2017 by Cake Masters Magazine. This program recognizes the top talent and awards the best in cake decorating and sugarcraft every year. Tina has won several other awards including Gold in Cake International, Birmingham 2016, Gold and 2nd prize in Cake International, London 2015 and Gold and 2nd place in the World OrchidConference, Johannesburg 2014.
Tina is the Brand Ambassador for Saracino range of products, Cerart cake decorating tools and is also the Magic Colours Champion. She is the Art Advisor for Global Sugar Artists Network in India and UAE. Her work has been featured in various international cake magazines including Cake Masters Magazine, Cake Central, DIY Weddings and American Cake Decorating.
Tina has a post-graduate degree in Fashion Communication and worked in the electronic media industry for 6 years. She decided to quit after the birth of her son. This break from her professional career gave her an opportunity to explore her creative side and her love for Art by delving into the world of cake decoration.
She is originally from India, has previously lived in South Africa and is now based in Dubai, UAE. Take a look at her fabulous work  Tina Scott Parashar’s Cake Design